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National Student Mobility

Almeida Garrett Programme

Since the academic year 2009/2010, U.Porto’ students began to take advantage of national mobility under the Almeida Garrett Programme, which aims to promote the quality and strengthen the national dimension of Higher Education.

This Programme offers U.Porto’ students the possibility to undertake, in another national University, a period of study, at most of a semester, with full academic recognition.

The mobility of students also covers internships and final course projects, since those activities are integral part of the curriculum of the Home University’s course.

Interested students should contact the Responsible Mobility Officer in their Faculty and check with him/her the eligibility criteria. Depending on the assessment, they will be given access to the application form through SIGARRA and support for filling it in.

For further information on the Almeida Garrett Programme, please contact us through our email international@reit.up.pt.

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