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U.PORTO Card - Intended users

Academic Community

The U.PORTO Card is intended for the students of the University registered in the SIGARRA information system as "F" (Attending) students for periods exceeding 3 months.

The U.PORTO Card is also intended for all teachers, researchers, non-teaching staff and scholarship students of the University who are registered with a "A" (active) status in the SIGARRA information system. Note that the U.Porto Card is currently also intended for other collaborators of the U.Porto who, despite not being workers or agents, have some sort of activity with the University normally for periods of time exceeding 3 months, are required to access the institution’s resources and/or services, and are therefore registered in the U.PORTO's information system (SIGARRA), receiving, for that purpose, a personal registration number.

In a second phase, it is anticipated that the U.PORTO Card will be extended to other members of the academic community, namely retired teachers, researchers and non-teaching staff.

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