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Master Degree

The study cycle leading to the Masters degree has a length between three and four semesters, correspond 90 and 120 ECTS credits, respectively. At the UPorto, the large majority of master courses have a length to which correspond 120 ECTS credits .

This study cycle includes:

  • A specialization course, formed by an organised group of curricular units, called the Masters course, to which correspond at least 50% of the total number of ECTS credits of the study cycle.
  • A scientific dissertation or project, which has to be original and specially designed for this purpose, or a professional traineeship at the end of which students must present a final report, depending on the specific aims defined, to which correspond at least 35% of the total number of ECTS credits for the study cycle.

Students who pass all curricular units making up the study plan of this masters course (component curricular of respective cicle) can receive a master course diploma (non-degree awarding).
The Masters degree is awarded to students who enrol for the dissertation/project/traineeship and pass the respective public exam.

The courses and cycles are taught at the different Schools of the University of Porto.

The U.Porto also participates in International Masters under Programme Erasmus Mundus. The respective diploma is awarded by the participant Institutions.
For more information about this mobility Programme, visit the area International Cooperation Programmes at the U.Porto, and see the page of the Erasmus Mundus Programme.

Admission to Study in the U.Porto

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