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José António de Aguiar

Retrato de José António de Aguiar / Portrait of José António de Aguiar José António de Aguiar
Chemist and teacher at the Polytechnic Academy of Porto

José António de Aguiar was born in Porto in 1812.

He lost his father at the age of two. His mother then married Ambrósio Faustino de Andrade, a pharmaceutical chemist graduated from the University of Coimbra, who had a chemist in Porto, outside the Porta do Olival. A liberal, he was forced into exile after D. Miguel came to power and his stepson then took charge of the chemist. José António de Aguiar joined the battalion of public servants in February 1833 with the entry of liberal troops in Porto.

After the civil war, he studied at the Royal Academy of Maritime and Trade Affairs of the City of Porto and at the Polytechnic Academy of Porto, between 1834 and 1839.

At the Academy, he was substitute teacher of Chemistry and taught Botany, and between 1839 and 1850 he held demonstrations and experiments with materials he paid for himself, as evidenced by masters Ferreira da Silva and José Pereira Salgado in their works "News on the Teaching of Chemistry at the Polytechnic Academy of Porto" (1893) and "Chemistry at the Polytechnic Academy of Porto" (1937), respectively.

He founded and collaborated in the newspaper "O Industrial Portuense" (1845-1846), the forerunner of "O Jornal da Associação Industrial Portuense".

José António de Aguiar was a disciple and friend of Chemistry teacher of the Polytechnic Academy of Porto, Joaquim de Santa Clara de Sousa Pinto (1837-1872), who read the prayer at his funeral mass in 1850.
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