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Eduardo Souto de Moura


1980/1984 Municipal market of Braga
1981/1991 Casa das Artes, Cultural Centre of the Secretary of State for Culture, Porto
1982/1985 House 1 in Nevogilde, Porto
1983/1988 House 2 in Nevogilde, Porto
1984/1989 House in Quinta do Lago, Almansil, Algarve
1985 dell' Accademia Bridge, Biennial of Venice, Italy
1986/1988 Outbuildings of a house in Rua da Vilarinha, Porto
1987 Detailed plan of Porta dei Colli, Palermo, Italy
1987/1989 Hotel in Salzburg, Austria (competition in 1987, project in 1989)
1987/1991 House 1 in Miramar, Vila Nova de Gaia
1987/1992 House in Alcanena, Torres Novas
1987/1994 House in Avenida da Boavista, Porto
1988 Detailed plan and equipment for Mondello, Palermo, Italy
1989/1994 House in Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga
1989/1997 Conversion of Santa Maria do Bouro Convent into a Pousada, Amares, with Humberto Vieira
1990/1993 House in Maia
House in Baião
1990/1994 Department of geosciences of the University of Aveiro, Aveiro
1991/1995 House in Tavira, Algarve
1991/1997 Burgo Development – office building and shopping centre in Avenida da Boavista, Porto
1991/1998 House in Moledo, Caminha
1992/1995 Housing complex in Rua do Teatro, Porto
1992/2001 Children's library and auditorium for the Municipal Public Library of Porto
1993/1999 House-Patio, Matosinhos
1993 Conversion of the building of Alfândega Nova do Porto, in the Museum of Transport and Communications /Congress and Exhibition Centre
1993/2004 Refurbishment and upgrading of Grão Vasco Museum, Viseu
1994/2001 3-bedroom house in Praça de Liège, Porto
1994/2002 House in Serra da Arrábida, Azeitão
House in Cascais
1995/2004 Detailed plan of the new Directional Centre of Maia
1995/1998 Architectural contents for the Portugal Pavilion – Expo'98, Lisbon
1995/2002 Conversion of the waterfront avenue - South Matosinhos, Matosinhos
1996/1997 Interior project for the Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro, Amares
1997 Architectural project for the Porto Metro, Greater Porto
1997/1999 Interior project for Armazéns do Chiado, Lisbon
1997/2001 Housing complex, Maia
1997/2001 Conversion of the Cadeia da Relação do Porto building into the Portuguese Centre of Photography
Refurbishment of the market of Braga
1998/1999 "Silo" gallery in NorteShopping, Matosinhos
1998/2003 Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira, Porto
1999/2000 Co-author of the project of the Portugal pavilion in Expo 2000 with Siza Vieira, Hannover, Germany
2000 Expansion of the Municipal Library of Porto
2000/2003 Municipal Stadium of Braga for the Euro 2004
2001/02 2 detached houses, Ponte de Lima
2002 2 detached houses, Maia
Rehabilitation of the historical Centre of Valença, Valença do Minho
Restaurant Sul in the seafront avenue of Matosinhos
2nd phase of the seafront avenue of South Matosinhos
Detached house in Quinta da Borralha, Braga
2002/06 28 detached houses in Avenida da Boavista, Porto
2003 Contemporary Art Centre – Modern Art Museum of Bragança
Detached house in Girona, Llábia, Barcelona (Spain)
Head-office building of Metro do Porto, Porto
Co-authorship of the project of the "Município – Linea1" Station, with Siza Vieira, Naples, Italy
Co-authorship of the architecture project of the Boavista Metro Line, with Siza Vieira
Co-authorship of the Cafeteria in Rotunda da Boavista, Porto, with Siza Vieira
2004 Detailed plan for S. João da Madeira
Detached houses in Óbidos
Co-authorship with Atelier Terradas i Muntanola – Residential and Service Centre La Pallaresa, Barcelona (Spain)
2005 Co-authorship of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, in Kensington Gardens, London, with Siza Vieira
Co-authorship of the project to recast Avenida dos Aliados, Porto, with Siza Vieira
Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais
Architectural project of the Escola de Música, Braga
Office building for Novartis, Basel(Switzerland)
Housing complex for "Bernia Golf Resort" Alicante (Spain)
Architectural project of the Kortrijik Crematorium (Belgium)
2006 Project for Casa do Professor, Cascais
Upgrading of the margins of Lagoa das 7 Cidades, S. Miguel, Açores
2 detached houses in Ibiza (Spain)
2007 Burgo building, Porto
Conversion of Bernardas Convent into houses (Tavira)
Office building for Edemi Gardens, Porto
Housing complex in Vale de Santo Amaro, Alcântara, Lisbon
Wine-cellar in Mealhada
Detailed plan and new building of the City Council, Trofa
Tower in Benidorm (apartments and hotel), Spain
Miguel Torga facility, Sabrosa
Urban renewal project of the Historical Centre of Ribeira Grande, Azores, co-authored with Adriano Pimenta
Stand for Foz Banho", for the exhibition "Porto Show", Porto
Co-authorship with Nicola di Battista of the project of the reception centre and museum in di Abatemarco Castle, Santa Maria del Cedro (Italy)
Conversion of Pensão Monumental into a house, Porto
2008 Coliseum of Viana do Castelo

Awards and Distinctions

1980 Foundation Engenheiro António de Almeida Award
1981 1st prize in the competition for the Cultural Centre of S.E.C., Porto
1982 1st prize in the competition for the reorganisation of Praça Giraldo, Évora
1984 Foundation Antero de Quental Award
1986 1st prize in the competition for the C.I.A.C. Pavilions
1987 1st prize in the competition for a hotel, Salzburg
1990 1st prize in the competition "IN/ARCH 1990 para a Sicília"
1992 SECIL Architecture Award
1st prize in the competition for the construction of an auditorium and a children’s library in the Municipal Public Library of Porto
1993 2nd architecture prize in the competition "A Pedra na Arquitectura", – Honourable Mention for a house in Miramar
National Architecture Prizes – Honourable Mention for the Cultural Centre of S.E.C. and a house in Alcanena
1995 International Stone Award in the Architecture for a house in Braga, Feira de Verona
1996 Annual Award of the Portuguese Section of International Association of Art Critics
Nominated for "Premio Europeo de Arquitectura Pabellón Mies van der Rohe"
1998 Runner-up in the IBERFAD Prize with Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro
1st prize at the 1st Iberian-American Biennial with Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro
Pessoa Award/98
1999 Honourable Mention "Pedra na Arquitectura" for Pousada de Santa Maria do Bouro, Opinion Award, FAD Prizes, Cultural Silos in NorteShopping
2001 Heinrich-Tessenow Award - Medal in Gold
2002 Runner-up at the III Bienal Ibero-americana de Arquitectura y Ingenieria Civil, Casas Pátio em Matosinhos
2003 Honourable Mention "Pedra na Arquitectura" for the project of the seafront avenue in South Matosinhos
2004 Runner-up in the FAD Prize in Architecture and Interior Design 2004, with the project "2 Casas em Ponte de Lima"
Prize del Jurado de la Opinión of the FAD Prize in Architecture and Interior Design 2004
Secil Architecture Award
2005 Runner-up in the "Pabellón Mies van der Rohe 2004 European Architecture Award", with the project for the Municipal Stadium of Braga
FAD Architecture Award, Barcelona, with the project for the Municipal Stadium of Braga, Gold Medal for the Municipal Stadium of Braga – IAKS – International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities, Cologne, Germany
Runner-up for the 1st Prize of Architecture - Ascensores Enor, with the project "Casa do Cinema Manoel de Oliveira"
1st Prize in the competition for a crematorium in Kortrijik, Belgium
2006 International Architecture Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum, for the Municipal Stadium of Braga
Honourable Mention in the category "Melhor Janela" – Municipal Stadium of Braga, awarded by the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Windows and Light Façades (ASEFAVE) – Veteco, in the Madrid Fair, Spain
FAD Prize "Ciutat i Paisatge" with the project Metro do Porto"
Runner-up for the Architecture Award with the Municipal Stadium of Braga at the 5th Iberian-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism
PPrize of Architecture - Ascensores Enor, with the project for the Porto Metro (ex-aequo with the Cultural Arts Centre of Sines, by Manuel and Francisco Aires Mateus)
2007 Honorary member of the American Institute of Architects
Career award from the National Academy of Architecture of the Mexican Society of Architects
2008 International architecture award for the Burgo Tower, awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum
International member of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), runner-up of the FAD Prizes of Architecture and Interior Design 2008 with "Burgo – Empreendimento" – Office and Trade Building
2011 Pritzeker Architecture Prize 2011, received on 2 June in Washington, where he was congratulated by the U-S. President, Barack Obama.
Secil Architecture Award 2011 for Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, in Cascais
2016 Awarded at the 10th Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (BIAU) in Madrid.
2017 Piranesi Prix de Rome 2017, from the Adrianea Academy of Architecture and Archeology Onlus, Intervention Prize for Architectural Heritage 2017, for his intervention at the former Bernardas Convent in Tavira.
2018 Golden Lion at the Venice Arqchitecture Biennale for the tourist complex of S. Loureço do Barrocal.
2019 Douro Architecture Prize, Hydroelectric Plant.


2011 Celebration of the 30 years of career of Eduardo Souto de Moura, by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, with a workshop at the Faculty of Architecture, an exhibition and a seminar at the Casa da Música.
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