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Nadir Afonso

Prizes and Distinctions

1938 2nd prize in the competition "Qual o mais belo trecho da paisagem portuguesa?"
1967 First National Painting Award
1969 Amadeo de Sousa-Cardoso Award
1982 Member of the National Academy of Fine Arts
1984 Military Order of Santiago da Espada [Order of St. James of the Sword], awarded by the President of the Republic, General Ramalho Eanes
2003 "Nadir Afonso – Sobre a vida e sobre a obra de Van Gogh" was considered the best Art book at the Frankfurt Book Fair and was chosen to be exhibited in the Book Museum of Leipzig
2010 Military Order of Santiago da Espada [Order of St. James of the Sword]
Doctor Honoris Causa by the Lusíada University
2012 Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Porto
Gold medal awarded by the city of Chaves.


1983 An official stamp with a work by Nadir Afonso
1993 A school in Chaves was named after the artist
2003 Honoured at the International Art Biennial of Cerveira
2004 Honoured at the 2nd International Fair of Estoril and assignment of the award Nadir Afonso
2007 The theatre company "O Bando" staged the play "A linha da Viagem – um conto coreográfico em Terras de Nadir", by Madalena Vitorino
New edition of official stamps with works by Nadir Afonso
2008 November – a colloquium was held at the Exhibition Centre of Odivelas on "Teorias e conceitos do Abstraccionismo Geométrico : Nadir Afonso no Panorama Artístico Português" [The theories and concepts of geometrical abstractionism: N.A. in the Portuguese artistic scenario]
2012 Triple tribute at the S. João National Theatre in January, which included the presentation of the book "Nadir Afonso conversa com Agostinho Santos", the premiere of "Nadir Afonso - O Tempo não Existe" by Jorge Campos, and the photographic exhibition "Nadir Afonso - No Tempo e no Lugar" by Olívia da Silva
Anthological exhibition in Rome at the Carlo Bilotti Museum/Villa Borghese complemented by another one in Venice at the Veneto do Scienze Lettere and Artis Institute
2013 Nadir Afonso Arts Center opens in Boticas
2016 Opening to the public of the Contemporary Art Museum Nadir Afonso, in Chaves, designed by Siza Vieira
2020 In celebration of the centenary of his birth the University of Porto honored him throught na exhibition, the creation of the Nadir Afonso Foundation/University of Porto, lectures and visits and the launch of editions


1949 Fantasia Gallery, Porto, Portugal
1956 Denise René Gallery, Paris, France
1958 Salon des Realités Nouvelles, Paris, France
1959 Maison des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France
Divulgação Gallery, Porto, Portugal
1961 SNI, Lisbon and Porto School of Fine Arts, Portugal
Biennial of S. Paulo, S. Paulo, Brazil
1966 Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, Portugal
1968 National Secretariat for Information, Lisbon, Portugal
1969 Participation in the Biennial of S. Paulo, S. Paulo, Brazil
1970 Retrospective exhibition at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris, repeated at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon
Centre de Culture TPN, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
1971 Buchholz Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1972 Alvarez Gallery, Porto, Portugal
1974 Selected Artists Galleries, New York, USA
1975 Dois Gallery, Porto and Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1976 Art-Service Gallery, Paris, France
1978 Tempo Gallery, Lisbon, and the Museum of the Chaves Region, Chaves, Portugal
Art-Service Gallery, Paris, France
1979 S. Mamede Gallery and Tempo Gallery, in Lisbon, Jornal de Notícias Gallery and Dois Gallery, Porto, Portugal
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris, France
1980 Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1981 Proença Júnior Museum, Castelo Branco and S. Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1982 S. Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1983 Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, Portugal
1984 S. Mamede Gallery, Lisbon, and Gilde Gallery, Guimarães, Portugal
1985 Bertrand Gallery, Lisbon, and S. Pedro Gallery, Amarante, Portugal
La Madraza, Granada, Spain
1986 Embassy of Portugal, Brasília, Brazil
Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, and Pousada de Santa Marinha, Guimarães, Portugal
1987 Bertrand Gallery, Lisbon e Galeria Quadrado Azul, Porto, Portugal
1988 Amadeo Sousa-Cardoso Museum, Amarante, Portugal
Art-Service Gallery, Paris, France
1989 Quadrado Azul Gallery, Porto, Portugal
1990 Y Grego Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1991 Art-Service Gallery, Paris, France
Quadrado Azul Gallery, Porto, Portugal
1992 Y Grego Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
1993 Museum of the Chaves Region, Chaves, Portugal
1994 Art-Service Gallery, Paris, France
Dário Ramos Gallery, Porto, Portugal
1995 Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, Portugal
1996 Artela Gallery, Lisbon, and Neupergama Gallery, Torres Novas, Portugal
Art-Service Gallery, Paris, France
1997 António Prates Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2001 Cultural Centre of Cascais, Portugal
2002 S. Mamede Gallery and Cultural Centre of the City Council of Ovar, Portugal
2003 Anthology exhibition (50 works) at the 25th Biennial of Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal
Cultural Centre of Deputatión de Orense, Espanha
2004 Cultural Centre of Bragança, Portugal
2005 Cultural Forum of Ermesinde and Portuguese Centre of Serigraphy, Lisbon, Portugal
2006 S. Mamede Gallery, Porto, and Municipal Library of Chaves, Exhibition of Tapestries from Portalegre based on the works by Nadir Afonso, Portugal
2007 Exhibition of paintings at the Casino do Estoril Gallery, exhibition of paintings at the Casa das Artes in Vila Nova de Famalicão and António Prates Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
2009 Exhibition "As cidades no Homem" at the Portuguese Parliament, from 10 February to 20 March, Portugal
2010 Exhibition "Nadir Afonso – Sem Limites" at the MNAC- Chiado Museum, from june 22 to october 3, Portugal
2010/2011 In the month that Nadir Afonso completed 90 years of age, the Museum of the Presidency organized an exhibition commemorating the life and work of the artist, at the Belém Palace
2011/2012 Exhibition "As cidades no Homem" at the Museum of the Abade de Baçal, in Bragança, organized in partnership with the Museum of the Presidency, from 12 October 2011 to January 2012, Portugal
2020 Exhibition "100 Years Nadir, Unpublished" at Common House of the Rectorate of the University of Porto


2003 "Nadir" by Jorge Campos for RTP
2012 "Nadir Afonso: Time doesn’t Exist" by Jorge Campos
2016 Bernardo Pinto de Almeida makes the film "Nadir – the Architect"
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