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João Queiroz

Fotografia de João Queiroz / Photografy of João Queiroz João Queiroz
Architect and military officer

Cine Teatro Olympia na Rua Passos Manuel - PortoJoão Marcelino Queiroz was born in Porto on 23 June 1892. He was the son of Abílio de Sequeira Pinto Queiroz and Branca Laura Pimentel de Lima Queiroz.

In 1911, he enrolled in the Preparatory Drawing Course in the Porto School of Fine Arts, and then began the Architecture course in the same school.

In 1926, he received a diploma in Architecture, after working for two years in the North General Directorate for Buildings and Monuments.

Throughout his life he was always eager to study and to qualify himself; many years after his degree in Architecture, in 1945, when he was 52, he enrolled in the Urbanization course, which had been set up in that same year.

During the 1st World War, (1914-1918), he was called up to join the Escola de Guerra (School of War), worked in the Headquarters and in the Military Hospital, and then became a reserve member. In the 2nd World War, in the 40s, he was once again called up and became once again an active officer.

Café Majestic Rua de S. Catarina - PortoHis first project was a rationalist building located in Santa Catarina Street, in Porto, which he designed for his father and in which he set up his own workshop. Here, he worked always by himself, even when the number of orders increased during the 40s, a period in which he designed many projects for Porto, for example, the Cine Teatro Olímpia, Cinema Trindade, the popular Café Majestic, in Santa Catarina Street, an Art Nouveau building (opened in 1921 under the name of Café Elite, and which then changed its name to what it is today in 1922), the semi-detached houses in Castelo Branco Avenue (which no longer exist), many houses in Raul Lino’s type of architecture, such as the house in 65 António Aroso Street and the house at 315 António Patrício Street. He also planned a project for the Porto Coliseum, but this project was never fulfilled.

Capela de S. António - S. João da MadeiraOutside Porto, he designed the Santo António Chapel, in S. João da Madeira (officially opened in 1935), and the Meadela Primary School.

He co-owned the Casa de Sant’Ana, a shop in Porto selling regional decorative articles.

Capitão Queiroz, as he was known, died on 25 February 1982, at the age of 90.

On 18 May 2015 the João Queiroz architect's heirs donated, formally, his library and documentary collection to the Marques da Silva Foundation Institute. During this event held at the Café Majestic, besides the signature of the donation agreement, a lecture was given by his great-nephew, Alexandre Alves Costa, entitled João Queiroz, um, Arquiteto tranquilo.
(Universidade Digital / Gestão de Informação, 2009)

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