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Jaime Cortesão


1984 Commemorative exhibition on the 100th anniversary (1884-1984) of the birth of Jaime Cortesão
2004 Instituto Camões and the University of S. Paulo signed an agreement to promote the cooperation between the two institutions, as well as cultural and scientific initiatives in the Brazilian university related to Economic, Social and Political History, and the History of Portuguese Language. Following this project, the Chair Jaime Cortesão was set up at the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Sciences in tribute to Jaime Cortesão, who had been so close to Brazil
Several streets are named after him (in Sintra, Arrifana, Montemor-o-Novo, Moita and Évora)
An avenue in Setúbal is named Jaime Cortesão
A school in Coimbra is named Jaime Cortesão
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