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Extra-mural Activities

The U.Porto is not limited to academic life!

Students custom of gathering in the cafés, especially downtown and by the oldest Faculties, and the organisation of cultural and social events are quite old traditions.

Academic traditions are also very old, especially as far as the reception of first-year students and student parades are concerned. In the meantime other activities have been introduced, some more traditional than others, which were integrated in Queima das Fitas.


Over the last few years several student groups were created in all schools of the University, carrying out a several original activities. Besides, student unions in Porto act more and more as driving forces of student life.

Most Faculties have student groups, which carry out activities such as modelling, diving, photography, folklore, mountaineering, martial arts, etc. There are also groups that promote computer training courses.
Besides, many Faculties organise language courses and conversation groups – which can be of use to you, as it allows you to practice your Portuguese.

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