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U.Porto Spin-offs

The U. Porto undertakes continuous efforts to promote technological entrepreneurship, by organizing resources to encourage and provide technical support to entrepreneurs and providing benefits to those who decide to enhance the economic and social knowledge generated within the University.
UPIN supports the creation of academic spin-offs by providing technical support in several areas of expertise, which enables entrepreneurs to develop strategically their initial idea in order to create new businesses.

Spin-Off U.Porto

What is it?

Spin-off is a new company created with the aim to explore new products or services or technology-based innovations. This kind of companies is born from ideas or processes generated within an existing organization, like another company, a research center or a public or private university, which hosts and supports the new initiative.

What are the benefits?

The U. Porto has created a network to support spin-off business that includes various services and dedicated structures, which include:

  • protection of intellectual property rights;
  • training;
  • support in the assembly of the business;
  • incubation;
  • networking;
  • consulting;
  • support to obtain funding.

There is also the possibility of the U. Porto share holds in Spin-off companies.

How to obtain the Spin-off U. Porto seal?

The University of Porto supports the economic exploitation of the R&D results that can result in the creation of spin-off companies. The U. Porto regulation for spin-off companies sets the rules to make possible the official partnership with the University, defining the benefits and advantages to the entire community of the University of Porto.

For further information visit the UPIN website.

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