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Pedagogical Surveys at the U.Porto

Access to U.Porto Pedagogical Survey (IPUP) to be completed.


The U.Porto Pedagogical Survey (IPUP) is an important tool for the continuous improvement of the quality of education at the University of Porto, that every semester is made available online to all students.

To this end, students collaborate actively, directly and constructively to the improvement of the teaching and learning processes of the University. The anonymity of all answers is ensured, being only object of statistical treatment.

The process of creating IPUP started in 2004 and was developed over the years, with several adaptations resulting from the evaluation of its implementation by a team of professors from the U.Porto Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (Marina Lemos, Cristina Queirós, Isabel Menezes, Pedro Lopes dos Santos and Pedro Teixeira), with three main objectives:

  • develop a diversified pool of evaluation questions that could come to have a comprehensive and appropriate use to various study programmes;
  • conduct the an in-depth study of the dimensionality, the validity and internal consistency of the survey as an evaluation instrument, suppressing the often detected gap of the lack of evaluation studies on the quality of the instrument itself;
  • build an evaluation procedure that mobilizes both professors and students, also considering that is desirable to involve professors and students in the process of survey design and in the analysis of its results.

2016/17 Version of the U.Porto Pedagogical Survey

Recently and after an extended reflection at U.Porto level (within the Coordinating Council of the Educational Model of the University of Porto (CCMEUP)), about the implemented model of the pedagogical survey and its respective results, a new version was elaborated to be launched in the academic year of 2016/17.
This version has the scientific support described in the document "Construction and validation of Pedagogical Survey of the University of Porto".
The consultation of the IPUP in its digital format is possible in the option "Pedagogical Survey U.Porto" available in the sidebar menu of the IPUP statistics webpage, which can be accessed directly from the pages of the Unit Course (UC), Professor and Study Cycle (CE) .

Briefly, the current version of the IPUP is organized into 18 questions framed in 9 dimensions:

  • Unit Course: "Assessment and Clarity" (2); "Evaluation" (1); "Difficulty" (2) and "Effects of the Unit Course" (4);
  • Student: "Involvement" (1);
  • Professor: "support for autonomy" (2); "Consistency and help" (2); "Structure" (3) and "Relationship" (1).

Some important notes:

  • IPUP is only available for Unit Courses with at least 10 students;
  • issues related to the effects of the Unit Course comply with the indicators of Dublin, and are therefore differentiated for each Study Cicle;
  • in the case of non-teaching Unit Courses, namely dissertations, theses, projects and internships, 5 questions are included (instead of 8) for the evaluation of the Professors’ activity. The results of these questions are aggregated for the collective group of professors of the Unit Course, thus ensuring the anonymity of responses;
  • for each Unit Course students have an open answer question for "observations and comments" (up to 4000 characters).

Completion of the Pedagogical Survey

In the academic year 2016/17, the following timeframes have been defined for the opening of survey completion period:

  • Unit Courses held during in the 1st semester: December 15 to 28 February 2016-2017;
  • Unit Course held during in the 2nd semester: 22 May to 15 September 2017;
  • Unit Course under none academic period: 15 December 2016 the 15 September 2017.

During the survey completion period, students accessing the U.Porto Information System (SIGARRA) with their credentials, are redirected (on regular basis) to the survey page of the Unit Courses they have undertaken. Alternatively, one can access directly the form, via the personal page. After selecting the Course (s) and Professor (s) about which they intend to respond, students need to rank, on a scale of 1 to 7, where "1" is very low and "7" very high.
If students choose not to answer questions regarding some of the Unit Course(s), they will be asked to briefly justify that option. By submitting the Survey, answers are stored in the U.Porto information system, anonymously.

Results of the U.Porto Pedagogical Survey

The results of the IPUP/ U.Porto Pedagogical Survey are an important contribution to:

  • the participation of students in the continuing improvement of education at U.Porto;
  • the recognition and appreciation of the efforts of the U.Porto teaching staff;
  • the analysis of the functioning of the Study Cycles by the respective Scientific and monitoring Committees (reflection to be integrated into annual reports);
  • the analysis of the overall results by the Pedagogical Council, whose final report should be public and open to discussion/internal reflection in each Faculty;
  • the diagnosis of situations presenting, by persistence and gravity, less favourable results and the consequent adoption of initiatives aiming to overcome these weaknesses.

You can get more detailed information about the IPUP/U.Porto Pedagogical Survey here: " Construção e Validação do Inquérito Pedagógico da Universidade do Porto – versão 2014 com anotações 2016".

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