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Welcome to the University of Porto! In this area you will find the answers you need to involve the University in the activities of your organization. We hope to have you as a partner!

What are the advantages of associating my company with the U.Porto?

By building a partnership with the U.Porto you are more than "just" connecting with one of the most renowned Portuguese educational and research institutions and member of the restricted group of the top 150 European universities. Combining excellence in education and cutting-edge scientific production, with decades of experience in institutional cooperation, the U.Porto is currently an important regional and national engine of economic and social growth. This "curriculum" has been attracting an extensive network of national and international companies to the U.Porto, who seek the know-how that lies in our classrooms and research centres. We welcome all of them and make available the know-how of our community as well as our infrastructures, which are oriented towards the valorisation of organisations. Come and meet us!

I would like to collaborate with the U.Porto in research projects. How can I do it?

Just follow the example of EFACEC, Sonae, CIN, Unicer, Microsoft, and Google, among other Portuguese and international companies, which have been optimising their activities within the U.Porto and in cooperation with some of the most productive and internationally recognised R&D Portuguese centres. Collaborate with us in Research, Development and Innovation (R&DI) projects with a high innovative potential. Rely on the expertise of the U.Porto’s scientific and technical consulting services.

Embrace our young researchers under the IJUP Companies programme. In either case, you can count on the collaboration of researchers with an entrepreneurial vision, many of whom have created spin-off companies from research and development activities carried out at the U.Porto. Learn more about the Interface Industry-U.Porto. You can get more information by contacting the U.Porto Innovation (UPIN) office, which supports the whole R&DI process of the U.Porto.

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How can I get to know the R&D centres of the U.Porto?


The U.Porto welcomes all of the companies that want to get to know us. This link can be established through initiatives such as the A2B sessions (A for Academia, B for Business), which aim to bring the scientific community closer to the business sector. In these sessions you can present, to researchers of the U.Porto and associated Institutes, the technological and R&D challenges faced by your company as well as find out about the competences of the U.Porto that could be useful in your area of expertise. To schedule a visit to the R&D centres of the U.Porto or propose an A2B session, contact the UPIN office.

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Who should I contact if I want to establish scientific cooperation with the U.Porto?

UPIN – University of Porto Innovation

Rectory of the University of Porto
Praça de Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto

E-mail: upin@reit.up.pt

Tel: 220 408 077

That depends on your goals, but your first "approach" should be through the UPIN office, which will then guide you according to your needs and interests. You can also directly contact the structure of the Unviersity of Porto with which you want to collaborate (school, research centre, etc.), if you have already identified it.

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I have an idea that could become a good business. Can you help me?

Do you feel that you have a great idea but you do not know how to put it into practice? You have an established project and you would like to take it to the next level by creating an innovative startup? At the U.Porto, we encourage these initiatives through different innovation and entrepreneurship structures made available to our students, researchers and to the community in general. Follow the example of more than 300 companies created in the Science and Technology Park of the U.Porto (UPTEC), where you will find specialised support to design and build a successful business. If you are a student or a former student of the U.Porto, you can also participate in the iUP25k, our Business Ideas contest, or join the Entrepreneurship Club of the U.Porto (CEdUP). GO FOR IT!

What is UPTEC? How can I get involved?

Created in 2007, in the framework of the (several times awarded) strategy designed by the U.Porto to promote entrepreneurship within the community, the Science and Technology Park of the U.Porto (UPTEC) is one of the most important vehicles for the transfer of technology from the U.Porto to society. If you are a "potential" entrepreneur, you can apply to the UPTEC incubation services and rely on a specialised structure that will help you transform your technological, scientific or creative idea into a company with potential. There is also a Business Innovation Centre at UPTEC where already consolidated companies can develop their R&DI activities in cooperation with the interface research centres and institutes of the U.Porto.

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I already have a company. Can I apply to UPTEC?

Yes, you can. The incubation process of UPTEC is open to ALL entrepreneurs who are attending or have completed higher education, who believe in the potential of their idea and who have the necessary skills to put it into practice. It is also open to those who have recently established a company and are looking for an innovating ecosystem in which to make it grow. If you have what it takes, send us a description of your project and await a reply!

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I want to recruit a student from the U.Porto. What do I need to do?

First of all, congratulations on your choice! By recruiting one of our graduates you are adding value to your organisation a priori. Selected among the best students in the country (and beyond), and trained in an environment of academic freedom, but also highly demanding, the U.Porto students on completing their higher education studies are ready to face

all of the challenges posed by the job market at a national and international level. Proof of this is the high employability rate – over 80% – of the graduates who completed their course at the U.Porto four years ago. Furthermore, many of these graduates were employed within the first three months of course completion!

To begin the recruitment process you can start by posting your offers on the U.Porto Employment Portal. For a more direct approach our schools provide student support services, professional placement services and employment opportunities services, which are managed directly with the organisations.

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How can I discover the talents of the U.Porto?

In order to increase the employability of the student community, the U.Porto has several communication channels between their students and companies. This relationship is established during the students’ course of studies through curricular traineeships, dissertations and/or course work done in professional environments, through the participation in research activities, (e.g.: IJUP Companies), or through supporting junior companies created and managed by the students themselves (e.g.: FEP Junior Consulting, Iuris FDUP Junior, and so on). Moreover, supporting the professional integration of our undergraduates and recent graduates is how this synergy achieves its highest form of expression. Discover your potential through professional and summer traineeship programmes, participate in our employability workshops, and attend our job fairs (e.g.: Porto de Emprego by the Faculty of Economics, FEUP Career Fair by the Faculty of Engineering, FDUP Career Days by the Faculty of Law, and other), which constitute an opportunity for companies to contact directly with our recent graduates. For more information, contact the professional placement services of our schools.

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Which U.Porto courses might interest me?

Probably the same courses that were attended by some of today’s most important Portuguese businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Take a look at our educational offer, but before that, we would like to suggest our undergraduate and graduate training programmes of the Faculty of Economics, one of the most prestigious Portuguese schools in the fields of economics and management. Get hands-on experience with our Masters in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MIETE), which is fully taught in English. Be sure to test your top manager skills in one of the MBAs or postgraduate courses of the Porto Business School, which is considered one of the best in Europe by international rankings of its speciality.

The most difficult part is choosing!

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Which U.Porto courses might interest my employees?

All of them! Covering an unparalleled range of fields of knowledge in Portugal, the educational offer of the U.Porto is oriented towards the needs of society and of organisations in general. Nevertheless, we recommend that you pay particular attention to our Continuous Training Catalogue, which features more than 300 training programmes – with different typologies and duration, but always with the U.Porto’s guaranteed quality standards – aimed at professionals who constantly seek to upgrade and improve their knowledge.

Can the U.Porto offer courses tailored to fit my company?

Training and Academic Organisation Unit

Rectory of the University of Porto
Praça de Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto

E-mail: formacao@reit.up.pt
Tel: 22 040 8198

Yes. In a context where training and the renewal of knowledge are critical competitiveness factors for people and companies in the global market, the U.Porto is available to develop training programmes focused on the needs and challenges of your organisation. Tell us what you need through our Training and Academic Organisation Unit – Unidade de Formação e Organização Académica (FOA). Additionally, some of our schools (e.g.: Faculty of Engineering and Porto Business School) also provide training according to the needs of companies.

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I would like to organise an event at the U.Porto. Is this possible?


Yes. Combining century old spaces (e.g.: Rectory Building) with modern auditoriums, lecture halls, classrooms and several sporting and cultural venues, the U.Porto’s campus is fit for business, scientific, commercial, cultural and social events organised by your company/organisation. For more information on leasing conditions, contact the entity where you wish to hold the event.

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Which other services does the U.Porto provide for companies?

The U.Porto offers a broad range of services especially designed for companies and organisations. At the R&DI level, the relationship between companies and the U.Porto is mediated by the UPIN office and other interface bodies that act in our schools and research centres.

What is more, companies and organisations can enjoy the benefits of several community services organised by the U.Porto schools and research centres.

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How can I keep track of what is happening at the U.Porto?

To follow the daily news of the U.Porto, visit the different  information areas of the U.Porto. Besides our website, make sure you visit our  news portal and follow us on  FacebookTwitter , Instagram and Youtube!

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Do you have any further questions and/or suggestions?

Send us your comments to info@up.pt. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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