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Discover the City

Porto has one of the richest artistic, cultural and historical heritage in Portugal, as may be testified by the large number of monuments and museums scattered all over the city. This was internationally recognised by the UNESCO, which classified the ancient part of the city as World Heritage. This has also been stated by the selection of Porto as the European Capital of Culture in 2001.

Porto can also be proud of its large number of churches, monuments and museums that represent the different stages in the important historical development of the city, of the country and even of Europe. The “Middle Ages”, “Baroque” and “Neoclassical” Porto deserve a special attention, but the “Porto dos Azulejos” (ceramic tiles) definitely stands out.

But Porto is also a city to be discovered in a narrow street and in a conversation with its traditional inhabitants. So we invite you to take part in this exploration and in this new adventure.

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