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Election of the Rector of the University of Porto 2010-2014


  1. The University of Porto hereby publishes the public notice for the application process for the post of Rector.
  2. The Rector is the superior body of governance and external representation of the University of Porto, speaking on its behalf, and is also responsible for institutional policies.
  3. The Rector is elected by the General Council for a four year mandate, and exercises its powers on a full time basis.
  4. Applications for the post of Rector of the University of Porto are open to Professors and Researchers of this University as well as of other national or foreign university or research institutions, on a tenure track system, that are not bound by any ineligibility or incompatibility clauses foreseen in the law and in the statutes of the University of Porto.
  5. The eligible applicant must:
    1. Be a personality of recognized merit and relevant professional experience for this position;
    2. Hold a strategic vision, reflected in an action programme, in line with the mission and objectives of the University of Porto, as defined in its respective statutes;
    3. Be clearly able to promote scientific, humanist and cultural values, in a collegial and inclusive environment.
  6. Applications, in Portuguese or English, are to be addressed to the President of the General Council, in printed or digital format, along with the following separate information:
    1. Curriculum vitae;
    2. The action programme that the applicant proposes to pursue;
    3. A budget proposal for the performance of duties associated to concrete objectives, as well as his/her remuneration and/or of the Rectorate team, and financial mechanisms to stimulate specific activities.
  7. Applications may be sent directly to the Secretariat of the General Council or by mail, fax or e-mail (presidente@conselhogeral.up.pt) until 15 April 2010, and only those effectively received up to such date shall be deemed as valid.
  8. The duties of the Rector, according to the new model of governance of the University of Porto, as well as the legal and statutory regimes and regulations governing the election of the Rector are available at www.up.pt.

The President of the General Council of the University of Porto,
Luís Portela

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