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R&D+i Policies at the University of Porto

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The aim of affirming the U.Porto as a Research University will have to result not only in an effective increase of research produced, but also and above all, in the quality of that research, to be assessed by the academic community and especially by the community at large, through the implementation and economic valorisation of the research results and their orientation to solving problems of great social relevance.
It is, therefore, up to the U.Porto to provide its teachers and researchers, and to the external scientific community, with an effective stimulus for the development of research and innovation, visible in the actual creation of conditions for the development of the research activity, and to invest in the economic value of the research results.
To achieve this, the U.Porto proposes to meet the desires of researchers and the community by developing the ability to:

  • attract and retain the best researchers;
  • define strategic areas based on the actual needs of the community in which the U.Porto is established and on the great scientific and technological challenges of society;
  • promote access to international research networks;
  • improve funding conditions for research;
  • stimulate and enhance research activities, in particular through its integration and coordination with education at the post-graduate level (2nd and 3rd cycles);
  • promote the articulation among the research units of the U.Porto;
  • increase the visibility of research developed at the U.Porto;
  • boost science and technology parks/centers.

By mastering these skills, competencies and processes, and investing in their actual development, the U.Porto will be able to create an environment conducive to the development of research and the allocation of resources to projects with high visibility and potential for further economic enhancement, which will bring additional prestige to the University by creating a virtuous cycle of scientific development.

Main actions

With the aim of ensuring that research and development at the U.Porto results in added value in national and international contexts, the U.Porto proposes to develop a line of policy that privileges the following actions:

  • Promote a reflection on the strategic priority areas of research of the University bearing in mind the emerging areas at the international level and the areas in which the U.Porto has already shown unique skills.
  • Consolidate and streamline relations of proximity among the various research units that form the universe of the U.Porto, developing, for that purpose, a concerted strategy for research. This strategy will be founded on the best practices of the centers of excellence and will preserve the diversity and identity of each unit.
  • Develop activities to disseminate internal and external work done in each R&D unit and address the sources of funding in a concerted manner, promoting a greater sharing and optimization of material and immaterial resources.
  • Ensure a greater incentive to disseminate the results of scientific research of the U.Porto, either in scientific journals or in prestigious international conferences.
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge with the outside, creating a two-dimensional communication channel to facilitate the dissemination of the R&D results and invite society to seek the collaboration of the U.Porto in certain areas of research, development and services.
  • Promote the sharing of equipment and other resources, and to purchase them after deciding on the specific needs of researchers, given the alternative funding sources.
  • Assist the integration of research teams in international research networks and facilitate the hosting of visiting researchers.
  • Diversify and expand funding mechanisms for research, disclosing the funding mechanisms available, strengthening the mechanisms to support the submission of applications and narrowing the relationships with the business world, in order to promote cooperation projects or projects under donations, legacies, sponsorship or patronage.
  • Promote a solution for the strengthening of the research career of the U.Porto.
  • Strengthen programmes to support the initiation of research among non-graduate students of the U.Porto and implement an incentive programme for works, studies and essays that will lead, at a later date, to the definition of medium and average sized projects to be submitted for external funding.
  • Disseminate, promote and apply the policy of the Protection of Intellectual Property of the U.Porto, contributing to the economic value of R&D results within the University.
  • Foster the technological scrutiny, stimulating the dissemination of results that have potential for commercialisation or business start-ups, notably through the establishment of incentives for the participation in national and international idea competitions.
  • Support training in entrepreneurship and stimulate the creation of technology-based companies, making use of strategic partnerships with networks of venture capital and other business facilitators – such as science and technology parks and business incubators.

Institutional Address of the Scientific, Cultural and Artistic Production authored by members of the Academic Community of the University of Porto

The institutional address of all the scientific, cultural and artistic production authored by members of the Academic Community of the U.Porto must include in a explicit, clear and unambiguous way, the designation "Universidade do Porto".

The institutional address must have the following format:

"Entidade YYY, Faculdade XXX, Universidade do Porto, rua AAA, 4BBB – CCC Porto, Portugal"


  • Where applicable, the "Entidade YYY" designates the Laboratory, Centre, Institute, Associated Laboratory or other unit of R&D where the Author is integrated;
  • Where applicable, the "Faculdade XXX" designates the Faculty where the Author is integrated.
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