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José Carvalho de Araújo

Prizes and Distinctions

  • Copper Medal for Philanthropy;
  • Silver Military Medal for outstanding conduct;
  • Silver Medal commemorating the Campaigns of the Portuguese Army;
  • 2nd Degree Medal of the Order of the Tower and the Sword, posthumously;
  • 1st class War Cross (Silver Medal, posthumously).


The former "Rua do Couto", in Porto, was named "Rua de Carvalho Araújo" in his honour
The City Council of Ponta Delgada erected a memorial stone in the monument to the sailors who died in World War I
1918 Tribute paid by Vila Real to Carvalho Araújo on 1 May
1919 At the proposal of the União Artística Vila-Realense, his name was given to Avenida Municipal, on 20 March
1923 In January, the newspaper "A Democracia" suggested a public contribution for the erection of a monument to Carvalho Araújo
1924 Inauguration of the monument by the sculptor Anjos Teixeira
The central avenue in Vila Real was named after the honouree
1969 On 12 April, the crew of the ocean liner "Carvalho Araújo" paid tribute to the hero in Vila Real
1981 On 18 May, Vila Real commemorated the 100th anniversary of his birth
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