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Rectors of the University of Porto

Imagem com os quadros de Retratos dos Reitores da U.Porto / Image with the portraits of the rectors of the U.Porto

The biographical notes provided in this area of the information system relate to individuals who have acted as Rector of the U.Porto since the University was founded, in 1911, until today.

The texts are all taken from the book “Os Reitores da Universidade do Porto. 1911- 2011” [ The Rectors of the University of Porto. 1911-2011], promoted and sponsored by the University of Porto and the Eng.º António de Almeida Foundation, respectively, as part of the commemorations of the 100th anniversary of this University. Coordinated by Francisco Ribeiro da Silva (Vice-rector of the U.Porto between 2001 and 2006), who is also one of the authors, this book is prefaced by J. Marques dos Santos, Rector of the U.Porto since 2006. The English version of the texts was also taken from this book. The name of the author of each biography is mentioned on the footer of each page.

This book has 18 illustrations and biographical notes. The illustrations are reproductions of the rector’s portraits found in the Council Hall of the historical building of the University, located in Praça de Gomes Teixeira.

Most of these oil paintings are signed by former students of schools that existed before the University of Porto, for e.g., painters Joaquim Lopes, student of the Porto Academy of Fine Arts, Abel de Moura, Agostinho Salgado, Amândio Silva, António Figueiredo, Carlos Carneiro and Guilherme Camarinha, all students of the Porto School of Fine Arts.

The more recent paintings include portraits of rectors Alberto Amaral and Novais Barbosa, both by Dario Alves. The portraits unveiled during the commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the University of Porto were painted by Luís Miguel Alcide d’Oliveira and Fernando Rosário, a self-taught painter. In 2018, the portrait of the 19th rector, Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo, of the master António Macedo was unveiled.

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