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Grand Hall of the University of Porto - Portrait Gallery

D. João VI
27th King of Portugal, the Merciful

The portrait, by Domingos Sequeira, was previously attributed to Vieira Portuense. Word has it was painted when the artist taught Drawing at the Royal Academy of Navy and Trade Affairs of Porto. The prince regent is represented with the plans of the building of the Academy on a table.
Retrato de D. João VI, pintado por Domingos Sequeira / Portrait of D. João VI, painted by Domingos Sequeira

Biography of D. João VI (1767-1826)

João Maria José Francisco Xavier de Paula Luís António Domingo Rafael de Bragança, son of D. Maria I and D. Pedro II, was born in Lisbon on 13 May 1767 and died in the same city on 10 March 1826.
In 1785, he married D. Carlota Joaquina of Bourbon, daughter of Carlos IV of Spain, and they had 9 children. He governed the country in 1792 when his mother fell ill and was proclaimed prince regent in 1799. King João VI, the Merciful, ruled the country between 1816 and 1826.

In 1803, D. João VI founded the Royal Academy of Maritime and Trade Affairs of the City of Porto by royal charter of 9 February, which replaced the Nautical Class (1762-1803) and the Sketching and Drawing Class (1779-1803), thus meeting the request of the Administrative Board of the General Company of Agriculture and Upper Douro Vineyards to establish official commerce, mathematics and language classes (French and English) in Porto. The main objective of this institution, funded by a tax called Literary Grant, was to provide training for pilots and navy officers to serve in the Company's ships.

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