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José Carneiro da Silva

Retrato de José Carneiro da Silva / Portrait of José Carneiro da Silva José Carneiro da Silva
Mathematician and university teacher

José Carneiro da Silva was born in Rua de Trás in the parish of Vitória, in Porto, on 14 April 1791. He was the son of Manuel José Carneiro and D. Ana Clara de Santa Rosa.

In the Royal Academy of Maritime and Trade Affairs of the City of Porto he attended the Mathematics course. He enrolled in the year of 1809-1810 and was rewarded in the first two years of Mathematics. José Carneiro da Silva took the exam for "naval equipment and manoeuvres", in 1812, the "act" of Astronomy (3rd subject) in 1815, as well as the course general exam in 1818. In the same Academy he also attended the French and English subjects.
He also got his degree in the University of Coimbra.

In 1820 José Carneiro da Silva was nominated a substitute Professor of Mathematics for the Royal Academy by royal charter of 13 April, thus occupying the vacancy left by Professor João Carlos de Miranda, who had been promoted. He took up office on 13 August of the same year.

A supporter of liberalism, he was dismissed from his duties on 13 May 1829 by the government of D. Miguel. He resumed his position at the beginning of the 1830s with the liberal turning point, but he was eventually discharged in 1836 (decree of 19 July of that year).

By the law 19 October and the decree of 9 December 1840, justice was partially restored to Carneiro da Silva and the other Professors discharged from the old Royal Academy, who became "attachés" for Polytechnic Academy of Porto, until a new service matching their status was ascribed to them.

Afterwards, by the decree of 15 December 1840 and by royal charter of 12 May 1841, José Carneiro da Silva was nominated to teach the 7th subject, thus becoming the first Zoology Professor at Polytechnic Academy of Porto.

Together with other equally learned men, Carneiro da Silva was a frequent customer of Nicolau Moré’s bookstore, located in the southern block of the old Praça Nova, the current Praça da Liberdade, in Porto.

He died in Porto on 27 April 1853.
(Universidade Digital / Gestão de Informação, 2011)

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