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Vice-Rectors, Pro-Rectors and Administrator of the University of Porto


  • Ana Maria Camanho  Photo of Ana Maria Camanho - Vice-Rector of the U.Porto
    Digital Transformation and Information Management
  • Fátima Vieira  Photo of Fátima Vieira - Vice-Rector of the U.Porto
    Culture and Museums
  • Joana Resende  Photo of Joana Resende - Vice-Rector of the U.Porto
    Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Valuation and Strategic Planning
  • José Manuel Castro Lopes Photo of José Manuel Castro Lopes - Vice-Rector of the U.Porto
    Training, Academic Organization, Health and Well-being
  • Maria Joana de Carvalho Photo of Maria Joana de Carvalho - Vice-Rector of the U.Porto
    International Relations, Social Responsibility and Sport
  • Pedro Alves Costa  Photo of Pedro Alves Costa - Vice-Rector of the U.Porto
    Built Heritage and Sustainability
  • Pedro Rodrigues  Photo of Pedro Rodrigues - Vice-Rector of the U.Porto
    Research and Innovation
  • Pro-Rectors

    • Mário Jorge Pimentel Photo of Mário Jorge Pimentel - Pro-Rector of the U.Porto
      Building Management and Maintenance
    • Olívia Pestana Photo of Olívia Pestana - Pro-Rector of the U.Porto
      Cultural Infrastructures and Alumni
    • Pedro Brandão Photo of Pedro Brandão - Pro-Rector of the U.Porto
      Technological Infrastructures and Information Systems
    • Sónia Valente Rodrigues Photo of Sónia Valente Rodrigues - Pro-Rector of the U.Porto
      Pedagogical Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Promotion of the Portuguese Language
    • Administrator of the University

      Economic and Financial Service
      Human Resource Service
      Legal Support Service
      Internal Audit
      Support to Government Bodies

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