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Resources and Services

U.Porto Shop

The mission of the University of Porto Shop, in full operation since June 2007, is to serve as an internal and external communication service of the U.Porto, helping to create a cohesive and integrated institutional image of the University and, therefore, to develop the awareness of the institution near its target public.

Products and Services

The Shop has three base product lines bearing the U.Porto brand, aimed at specific segments:

  • Basic Line/Merchandising: current use products, at an affordable price, with a good cost-benefit relation, particularly products such as textiles, stationery and bags;
  • Prestige Line: stylish products, at a higher price, made from noble materials such as silver, wood or ceramics, designed by architects, designers, painters and sculptures connected to U.Porto.

At the same time, the Shop also offers specific products/services in design, purchase and management of products for special events (Junior University, U.Porto Exhibition, …) in partnership with other institutions.

Price Policy

Although the primary aim of the Shop is not to obtain a profit, we have to guarantee its financial stability in order to enable the sustainable running of its activity. Therefore, the price policy is established to cover the activity costs. The U.Porto Shop offers special discounts to the Organic Units (Departments). For bulk quantities, a budget must be submitted in advance.


The Shop’s results are not limited to the financial outcomes of the activity. We hope that its operation will bring considerable advantages to the image of the U.Porto and an effective reduction of costs linked to the activities conducted in the Organic Units (Departments), facilitating an improved and more efficient allocation of the University’s resources.
The results obtained must also be seen as a direct benefit for the U.Porto, as they represent a financing source for the activities developed by the U.Porto.

How to Buy

In addition to the two physical spaces currently available, the U.Porto Shop’s products can also be purchased through the U.Porto Shop website, at www.loja.up.pt.


The U.Porto Shop is located in the historical building of the Rectorate of the University of Porto (Praça dos Leões) – Entrance Hall. Furthermore, The U.Porto Shop has an additional branch in the Faculty of Fine Arts, at the University of Porto.

Main store:
Loja da Universidade do Porto
Praça Gomes Teixeira
4099-002 Porto

Branch Store:
Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
Av. Rodrigues de Freitas, 265
4049-021 Porto

Alzira Reverendo / Rita Santarem
Telephone: 220 408 220
Fax: 220 408 222
E-mail: loja@loja.up.pt

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

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