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The mission of the Unit for New Technologies in Education (GATIUP) is to offer the academic community of the U.PORTO pedagogical and technical support aimed at encouraging and enabling initiatives of open and distance learning, taking advantage of the Internet technologies, particularly the Web.

In this context, the mission of the unit is to disseminate and promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the teaching/learning processes, through: the dissemination and implementation of events; the dissemination of good practices; the dissemination of past or on-going e-learning initiatives at the U.PORTO, including sessions for presenting and disseminating projects conducted at the U.PORTO; conducting training sessions for teachers interested in the design and management of online courses; support for the academic community of the U.PORTO in the design, production and delivery of e-learning/b-learning course; the development of multimedia educational contents; the participation in joint projects with other units of the U.PORTO, related to their activities and of interest to the pursuit of their goals; the continual update of knowledge in ICT applied to education, especially in monitoring and participating in national and international projects/events in this area.

The Unit for New Technologies in Education offers a wide variety of continuous training courses in ICT, either as e-learning or blended-learning. They are split according to the target group, covering the academic community of the U.PORTO or the external community.

It is also possible to schedule specific training actions requested by an organic unit or by a group of teachers, to meet a particular need or to strengthen an area of knowledge, in the field of ICT applied to Education.
In an attempt to complement the teaching/learning process using new technologies, the GATIUP offers a multimedia production service that develops a variety of materials for teachers with online curriculum units in the U.PORTO Moodle platform. Content types developed are: animations; simulations; videos (e.g., classes, laboratory protocols …) and different graphics (e.g., posters, logos…).

The Unit for New Technologies in Education also coordinated innovative projects related to e-learning.
The strong investment in innovation areas seeks to promote the increasing flexibility of training, responding more effectively to the growth of professional mobility of students of the U.PORTO.


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