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Applications – post-graduate students

How to apply?

Students should apply by filling in the proper form available from SASUP: Proof of enrolment at the University of Porto has to be handed in together with the application form. Postgraduate student supervisors can send a fax or e-mail directly to the Accommodation services requesting that their students be housed in one of the Residence Halls.


Applications should be submitted as early as possible prior to the date students wish to move to a Residence Hall.

Period of stay in Residence Halls for students attending the second and third Bologna cycle.

1- The maximum period of stay for students from the second Bologna cycle is N+1, where N = No. of semesters needed to complete the degree course;
2- The maximum period of stay for students from the third Bologna cycle is 3 years.
NB: Students from the third cycle who already lived in Residence Halls during the second cycle are no longer eligible for accommodation in Residence Halls. Students who have to give up accommodation in the Halls due to field work or other reasons will be given priority when re-applying for Residence Hall accommodation.

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