The Employability Office of the University of Porto runs several meetings which aim to bring students and graduates of the University closer to the world of work.

Organisations and companies have the possibility to register themselves with the office in order to run information sessions for the students or graduates of the University of Porto. These sessions may inform our students about particular internship or recruitment opportunities; they may take the form of a competition; they may be on the subject of education or training; or they may simply be more generally a presentation of the company or organisation concerned. More dynamic and interactive sessions with recruitment aims may be run as breakfast sessions.

It is possible for organisations and companies to register for:

  • hosting internships or placements;
  • hosting workshops or sessions on the subjects of soft skills, career paths, jobs and entrepreneurships, among other contemporary themes, and sharing knowledge with students and graduate about the expected skills the recruitment market will expect in the future;
  • the International Job Fair – Finde.U;
  • the "Acredita-te" Program (a mentoring program where companies will receive students or recent graduates of the University of Porto);
  • visits for students and graduates who have been previously selected by companies and organisations, giving students and graduates a point of contact with the day-to-day business world, allowing them to really get to know their facilities and operations, and providing companies with the opportunity to identify potential employees;
  • organisation and promotion of recruitment sessions to take place on university premises, e.g. interviews, psychotechnical tests or group interviews.

Companies will also be able to get support with recruitment of students and graduates from the Employability Office, namely:

  • the (re)definition of recruitment profiles;
  • the publishing of job offers, internship programmes or scholarships through channels facilitated by the Employability Office, such as email, Facebook, collaboration with student organisations and organisation with the other careers services of the University of Porto;
  • free registration as a company or organisation in the Employment Portal, where companies may publish their offers and/or directly select and contact candidates.

If your organisation would like to take part in these activities, or other where were not referenced here, please contact us at: or, by phone, (+351) 220 40 83 12 / (+351) 220 40 80 93.