Welcome to the Employability Office of the University of Porto!

It’s never too early or too late to take advantages of the services and programs we offer, such as career counselling, support for fine-tuning your CV and cover letters, and access to internships and jobs, to name but a few.

Through the Employability Office, students and graduates of the University of Porto have access to the following services:

  • opportunity to create an online CV and search and apply for job offers and national and international internships via the Employment Portal of the University of Porto;
  • participation in the CV Video program of the University;
  • participation in workshops designed to develop candidates’ skills when searching for jobs and to develop their general soft skills;
  • access to a mentoring program within a business context – the "Acredita-te" program;
  • contact with national and international companies during the International Job Fair - Finde.U and the possibility to apply for their available positions;
  • participation in events which bring students closer to the world of work, such as visits to companies, and summer or extracurricular internships;
  • breakfast sessions with companies designed to enhance recruitment opportunities and talk about career paths;
  • development of professional networking;
  • personalised support and advice on how to find a job, maximising the potential of your CV and cover letters, applying for jobs and internships, preparing for selection interviews and balancing your professional skills.

Former students of the University of Porto who have finished their course at the University within the last five years can still receive support for career management. This support covers advice and problem solving at various levels, such as:

  • (re)definition of your professional goals in changing your employment situation and/or retraining;
  • possibility of job hunting and the exploration of the domestic and international job markets;
  • support with dilemmas related to professional offers;
  • balancing of professional skills;
  • professional networking development with a view to social networks (for example through LinkedIn);
  • involvement in mentoring programs.