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Profinite groups associated with weakly primitive substitutions

Profinite groups associated with weakly primitive substitutions
Article in International Scientific Journal
Almeida, J
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Vol. 144
Pages: 3881-3903
ISSN: 1072-3374
Publisher: Springer Nature
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Authenticus ID: P-007-HVA
Abstract (EN): A uniformly recurrent pseudoword is an element of a free profinite semigroup in which every finite factor appears in every sufficiently long finite factor. An alternative characterization is as a pseudoword that is a factor of all its infinite factors, i.e., one that lies in a script J sign -class with only finite words strictly script J sign -above it. Such a script J sign -class is regular, and therefore it has an associated profinite group, namely, any of its maximal subgroups. One way to produce such script J sign -classes is to iterate finite weakly primitive substitutions. This paper is a contribution to the computation of the profinite group associated with the script J sign-class that is generated by the infinite iteration of a finite weakly primitive substitution. The main result implies that the group is a free profinite group provided the substitution induced on the free group on the letters that appear in the images of all of its sufficiently long iterates is invertible. © Springer Science+Business Media, Inc. 2007.
Language: English
Type (Professor's evaluation): Scientific
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