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Another Publication in an International Scientific Journal

Magalhães, AP (Author) (Other); Azevedo, NF (Author) (FEUP); Pereira, MO (Author) (Other); Lopes, SP (Author) (Other)
João Pinto da Costa (Author) (Other); Virgínia Carvalhais (Author) (Other); Rita Ferreira (Author) (Other); Francisco Amado (Author) (Other); Manuel Vilanova (Author) (ICBAS); Nuno Cerca (Author) (Other); Rui Vitorino (Author) (Other)
Oliveira, M (Author) (Other); Amorim, A (Author) (FCUP)
Martin Saker (Author) (Other); Cristiana Moreira (Author) (Other); Joana Martins (Author) (Other); Brett Neilan (Author) (Other); Vitor Manuel Vasconcelos (Author) (FCUP)

Article in International Scientific Journal

E., S (Author) (Other); A., D (Author) (Other); Rui Boaventura (Author) (FEUP); Helena Soares (Author) (FEUP)
T. S. Pinto (Author) (Other); F. X. Malcata (Author) (FEUP); J. D. Arrabaça (Author) (Other); J. M. Silva (Author) (Other); R. J. Spreitzer (Author) (Other); M. G. Esquível (Author) (Other)
Mota, R (Author) (Other); Rossi, F (Author) (Other); Andrenelli, L (Author) (Other); Pereira, SB (Author) (Other); De Philippis, R (Author) (Other); Paula Tamagnini (Author) (FCUP)
Virgínia Carvalhais (Author) (Other); Nuno Cerca (Author) (Other); Manuel Vilanova (Author) (ICBAS); Rui Vitorino (Author) (Other)
Joana Martins (Author) (Other); Martin L Saker (Author) (Other); Cristiana Moreira (Author) (Other); Martin Welker (Author) (Other); Jutta Fastner (Author) (Other); Vitor M Vasconcelos (Author) (FCUP)
Cátia A. Sousa (Author) (Other); Helena M. V. M. Soares (Author) (FEUP); Eduardo V. Soares (Author) (Other)
Martin L Saker (Author) (Other); Martin Welker (Author) (Other); Vitor M Vasconcelos (Author) (FCUP)
Ana Rita Lopes (Author) (FEUP); Anthony S. Danko (Author) (FEUP); Célia M. Manaia (Author) (Other); Olga C. Nunes (Author) (FEUP)
Martin L Saker (Author) (Other); Micaela Vale (Author) (Other); Dan Kramer (Author) (Other); Vitor M Vasconcelos (Author) (FCUP)
Cristina M. Monteiro (Author) (Other); Teresa R. S. Brandão (Author) (Other); Paula M. L. Castro (Author) (Other); F. Xavier Malcata (Author) (FEUP)
Sílvia Fontenete (Author) (FEUP); Joana Barros (Author) (Other); Pedro Madureira (Author) (Other); Céu Figueiredo (Author) (Other); Jesper Wengel (Author) (Other); Nuno Filipe Azevedo (Author) (FEUP)
Catarina L Amorim (Author) (Other); Antonio C S Ferreira (Author) (Other); Maria F Carvalho (Author) (Other); Carlos M M Afonso (Author) (FFUP); Paula M L Castro (Author) (Other)
Olga C. Nunes (Author) (FEUP); Ana R. Lopes (Author) (FEUP); Célia M. Manaia (Author) (Other)
Mergulhao, FJM (Author) (Other); Monteiro, GA (Author) (Other); Larsson, G (Author) (Other); Sanden, AM (Author) (Other); Farewell, A (Author) (Other); Nystrom, T (Author) (Other); Cabral, JMS (Author) (Other); Taipa, MA (Author) (Other)

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