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Code: MA300     Acronym: PROJ

Classification Keyword
OFICIAL Free option (any area of UP)

Instance: 2018/2019 - 3T (of 11-02-2019 to 14-06-2019) Ícone do Moodle

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Microscopy
Course/CS Responsible: First Cycle Degree (BSc) in Aquatic Sciences

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
LCMA 29 Oficial Plan 2018 3 - 5 49 135

Teaching language



To offer the chance to have formation in an area of interest of the student, not covered in the compulsory curricular units (courses). It is intended to develop decision abilities, along with scientific-techniques skills.

Learning outcomes and competences

The student must be capable to act in accordance with the received teaching and learning carried through in the area that was chosen.

Working method



The student can opt from two possibilities: 1) Present a seminar based on a monograph written by the student, supervised by a tutor; 2) Undertake a scientific or professional training period, under the supervision of a tutor, presenting and defending a final report. In these cases the subject and the tutor must be approved by the course coordinator. 

Mandatory literature

Diversos autores; Muito variável dependendo do tema de cada estudante

Teaching methods and learning activities

Tutorial orientation


Natural sciences

Evaluation Type

Evaluation with final exam

Assessment Components

Designation Weight (%)
Defesa pública de dissertação, de relatório de projeto ou estágio, ou de tese 25,00
Trabalho prático ou de projeto 75,00
Total: 100,00

Amount of time allocated to each course unit

Designation Time (hours)
Elaboração de relatório/dissertação/tese 86,00
Realização de Estágio 49,00
Total: 135,00

Eligibility for exams

According to the superviser

Calculation formula of final grade

Text, oral presentation and discussion will be evaluated by the supervisor, and one or two additional experts on the subsject

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