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Special Application Season for International Students - Bachelor in Aquatic Sciences 2018/2019

2nd January until 2nd February 2018


1st call: 2th January until 2th February 2018

2nd call: 3th January until 30th April 2018

3rd call: 2th May until 18th July 2018

Definition of International Student

  • For the purposes of this contest, an international student is a candidate that does not have a Portuguese nationality.
  • The following situations are not covered by the definition of international student, provided is the previous point:
  1. The citizens of a Member State of the European Union;
  2. Those who are not citizens of a Member State of the European Union legally but reside in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, on 31th August of the year in which they intend to enter in higher education, as well as the children who legally reside with them;
  3. Those who require the admission in higher education through the special access and entry regimes regulated by Decree-Law no. 393 - A / 99, 2th October, modified by Decree-Law no. 272/2009,1th October.
  • This definition is also not applied to foreigner’s students who are attending a course under an international mobility program, in order to carry out part of it in a foreign higher education institution with whom ICBAS has established an exchange agreement for this purpose.


  1. The candidates who are not considered international under the referred legislation, cannot apply through this regime;
  2. The candidate with dual nationality, being one of them from a Member State of the European Union, cannot apply through this access regime;
  3. The candidate who has the Statute of Equal Rights and Duties provided in the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Consultation between the Portuguese Republic and the Federative Republic of Brazil cannot apply through this regime either.

International Student Status

The international students shall maintain their status until the end of the course in which they are initially enrolled or in transit, with the exception of those who in the meanwhile acquire the nationality of a Member State of the European Union, in which case the cessation of the application of the international student status takes effect in the subsequent academic year to the date of acquisition of nationality.

Access Conditions

Who can apply:

  1. International students holders of a qualification that allows the access to higher education, which includes any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority attesting to their approval in a high school program of the home country and granting them the right to apply and be able to enroll higher education in the country in which it was conferred;
  2. International students holders of a Portuguese high school diploma.

Specific admission conditions

  • To have knowledge of the language in which the course is lectured (Portuguese), which is evaluated through the presentation of a supporting document or, alternatively, oral proficiency can be assessed using videoconference or face-to-face interview (except for candidates from countries with Portuguese as official language).
  • Performance of:
    • National admission exams, held in 2015 or later, requested for Aquatic Sciences course;


  • Final exams of foreign high school, carried out in the year 2015 or later, considered homologous to the national admission exams for Aquatic Sciences course, as provided by the article 20º-A of Decree-Law no. 296-A / 98, dated 25th September, in its updated wording by Decree-Law no. 90/2008, 30th May;


  • National middle school exam (ENEM) held in Brazil in the year 2015 and next, in the expected area to enter the Aquatic Sciences course.

Candidates competing with ENEM:

The ENEM classifications will be converted to a scale 0-200 (Portuguese scale of classifications) according to the formula:

Classification = ENEM exam score * 200/1000

After conversion of the ENEM classification, it will be only admitted the candidates with classification in the required area of ​​knowledge, equal or higher than 120 points.

Candidates competing with other exams:

Have a classification in the admission exam (or national exam or equivalent terminal) equal or higher than 120 points (on the 0-200 scale).


No prerequisite is required for entry into the Aquatic Sciences course.

Criteria for the candidates’ serialization

Best qualification obtained in the admission exam required by ICBAS for the enrollment in the Aquatic Sciences course, or equivalent tests held in the country of origin.


Criteria for candidates' tiebreaker

 Lowest age considering applicant's age in AMD (to date, i.e., day of application deadline).


During the application process, the candidate must present a copy of the original documents issued by a foreign institution, legalized by a Portuguese diplomatic or consular authority or alternatively by Apostille of The Hague; - At the time of registration, the student will submit the originals of the referred documents.

Places - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Calls



1st Call

2nd Call

3rd Call

Aquatic Sciences


3 + surplus (1st Phase/Call)

1+ Sobrantes (1st Phase/Call)



1st Call

2nd Call

3rd Call

Candidature’s presentation/submission

02th January to 02th February 2018

03th February to 30th April 2018

02th May to 18th July 2018

Candidature’s analysis

05th to 21th February 2018

02th to 15th May 2018

19th to 27th July 2018

Divulgation of the provisional results

21th February 2018

15th May 2018

27th July 2018

Previous audience

22th February to 07th March 2018

16th to 29th May 2018

30th July to 10th August 2018

Divulgation of the definitive results

14th March 2018

05th June 2018

04th September 2018

Submission of complaints

15th March to 05th April 2018

05th to 25th June 2018

05th to 5th September 2018

Publication of the decision regarding the complaints

12th April 2018

02th July 2018

02th outubro 2018

 Registration period

21th March to 03th April 2018

12th to 22th June 2018

10th to 17th de September 2018

Eventual allocation of supplants

09th to 16th de April 2018

25th June to 03th July 2018

20th to 25th September 2018

Publication of remaining places for the next phase

17th April 2018

06tht July 2018




Frequency in integral time (enrollment in 60 ECTS/year)

Frequency in partial time (enrollment in maximum of 37.5 ECTS/year )

Internacional student

3.000,00 ¤

2.069,07 ¤

Internacional student CPLP

1.500,00 ¤

1.034,53 ¤


The application is subject to a non-refundable payment of ¤ 100.

Procedure for the assignment of payment reference:

  1. Click on the image MB associated to the application fee.
  2. Confirm the presented data and click on "Assign", staying automatically with the associated reference.
  3. Clicking on "return to current account" you will find again the reference assigned.

In the case of a payment made from abroad, this can be paid through paypall, associating the email tesouraria.icbas@sp.up.pt


- Once the deadline for submitting candidature has finished, applications whose fees have not been paid will be rejected.

- The candidates excluded or not allocated in the 1st phase/call that wish to apply for the 2nd phase/call will have to submit a new application and pay again the respective fees.

- After submission of the application, the candidate is debtor of the fee, even if he subsequently gives up the candidature.


Procedure for application’s submission

  1. Choose the cycle of study / intended course;
  2. Select "Submit Application". If you are not an UP student, it will be asked to complete a user form. The credentials (login and password) will be sent to the e-mail that you indicate in the form.
  3. Complete the application form and attach the requested documents. Note: fields in red are mandatory.
  4. Submit the application. If an error is detected when attempting to submit (eg mandatory fields to be filled), the system issues an alert message.

If the information is submitted successfully, you should check all inserted data and confirm or edit it.

  1. Upon confirmation of the application’s submission, you will receive information on how to pay the respective fee.
  2. Any problem detected in the application’s submission should be reported to candidaturas@icbas.up.pt , during the candidature period.


 Procedure for consulting the application’s status

  1. Log in SIGARRA (ICBAS website) with the user and password used in the candidature;
  2. Click on your name;
  3. In the options that appear on the right side of the page select "Admission Applications".

Necessary documents:

  • ID document (ID Card / Passport) and a MB (please print, fill and scan to upload);
  • Document (s) proving the specific exams (or equivalent national exams) authenticated by the official education services of the respective country (*) (mandatory);
  • Diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority attesting the approval in high school program (*) (mandatory);
  • Declaration issued by the official education services of the home country attesting that the high school competence, obtained in that country, is enough to be admitted in official higher education in similar courses of those who intend to apply, or certificate of equivalence to Portuguese high school issued by a competent national authority (*) (mandatory); (**)
  • Document proving the knowledge of the language in which the course is lectured - Portuguese (document issued by competent authority or declaration of honor commitment issued by the candidate) (mandatory);
  • paypall that you are covered by International Student status (Decree-Law no. 36/2014 of 10th March) (mandatory) (please print, fill out and scan to upload).

    (*) The documents must be authenticated by the consular services or Portugal embassies with headquarters in the country to which the certification concerns or with the Hague Apostille for countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention. The same must apply to the compulsory translations of documents whose original language is not Portuguese, Spanish, French, English or Italian.

 (**) The following are exempt from submitting this declaration:

1 – Holders of  middle school or 2º degree of Brazil who have taken the National Middle School Exam (ENEM);

2 - That, in accordance with article 20º-A of Decree-Law No. 36/2014 10th March, as updated by Decree-Law No. 113/2014 16th July , in Regulations for the application of the U.Porto International Student Status , dated 16th December, rectified by the Declaration of Rectification No. 191/2017 of 28th March, dated 28th March, intend to replace the admission exams by final exams of non-Portuguese courses legally equivalent to Portuguese high school and are holders of legally equivalent non-Portuguese courses in accordance with Decree-Law no. 227/2005, 28th December, and corresponding ordinances (no. 224/2006, 8th March and no. 699/2006, 12th July).

Note: These documents must be delivered in person at the time of registration, to be held at ICBAS before the start of the academic year, within a period to be defined.

Norms / Applicable Legislation


Declaration containing the identification data

Declaration amended by  International Student Contest 2018/2019

Rector's order of 16/10/2017 on "Places, Tuitions and Access Conditions and Selection Criteria for International Students 2018/2019"


Useful information to support the international student

University of Porto - International Students

University of Porto - International


Office Hours of the Academic Department:

Monday to Friday - 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Phone: 22 0428011/12 // 13/14

E-mail: sec.alunos@icbas.up.pt

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