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Molecular and Cell Biology


The main objective of this doctoral program is to provide advanced training in Molecular and Cellular Biology. The participants will acquire the knowledge as well as the intellectual and technical skills necessary for tackling different professional settings, in academia or industry, where advanced Molecular and Cellular Biology plays a role.  It is envisaged that the students will acquire an advanced understanding of the established aspects in this vast field as well of its open questions; that they will acquire the technical knowhow to obtain data; that they will develop the skills to ask new questions and to devise procedures to help in their resolution. The students will be able to critically analyze problems, the experimental data and the possible solutions. The program will specifically target the development of creativity, autonomous thinking and rigorous critical thought.

Fields of Specialization

The program has been designed to provide advanced practical and theoretical knowledge in Molecular and Cell Biology, namely Structure and Function of Proteins, Cell Biology, Functional Genetics, Biological Systems and Tissues and Science Ethics and Communication.

General information

Official Code: 5887
Director: Claudio Sunkel
Co-Director: Paula Tamagnini
Acronym: BMC
Academic Degree: Doctor
Type of course/cycle of study: Doctoral Degree
Start: 2013/2014
Duration: 8 Semesters

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • Molecular and Cell Biology (240 ECTS credits)
  • Molecular and Cell Biology (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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