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Master Degree Course in Public Health

General information

Official Code: 6239
Acronym: MSP


  • Public Health (120 ECTS credits)
  • Public Health (60 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Seminários Temáticos

MSP17_1 - ECTS

Administration and Health Policy

MSP12_1 - ECTS

Biostatistics I

MSP12_2 - ECTS

Ethics in Epidemiology and Public Health

MSP12_4 - ECTS

Essentials of Epidemiology

MSP12_5 - ECTS

Projeto Individual

MSP17_2 - ECTS

Health promotion techniques

MSP12_7 - ECTS

Biostatistics II

MSP12_14 - ECTS

Applied Bioestatistics

MSP12_13 - ECTS

Risk Communication

MSP12_15 - ECTS

Control of Communicable Diseases

MSP12_20 - ECTS


MSP12_16 - ECTS

Chronic Diseases

MSP12_19 - ECTS

Health Economics and Management

MSP12_17 - ECTS

Genetic Epidemiology

MSP12_18 - ECTS

Health Services Management

MSP12_21 - ECTS

Health Measurements: Questionnaries and Scales

MSP12_31 - ECTS

Qualitative Methods in Health

MSP12_22 - ECTS

Nutrition and Public Health

MSP12_23 - ECTS

Health Care Organizational Quality

MSP12_24 - ECTS

Systematic Reviews and Essentials of Meta-Analysis

MSP12_25 - ECTS

Environmental and occupational health

MSP12_8 - ECTS

Health and Society

MSP12_3 - ECTS

International Health

MSP12_26 - ECTS

Maternal and Child Health

MSP12_27 - ECTS

Mental Health

MSP12_28 - ECTS

Health, Hygiene and Safety at Work

MSP12_29 - ECTS

Geographic Information Systems

MSP12_30 - ECTS

Environmental Toxicology

MSP12_32 - ECTS

Unidade curricular optativa livre 1

MSP12_33 - ECTS

Unidade curricular optativa livre 2

MSP12_34 - ECTS

Unidade curricular optativa livre 3

MSP12_35 - ECTS

Unidade curricular optativa livre 4

MSP12_36 - ECTS

Surveillance and outbreak control

MSP12_10 - ECTS




MSP17_4 - ECTS


MSP17_3 - ECTS
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