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Biolaboratory - Multidisciplinary Experimentation Project

General information

Acronym: BPEM


  • Biolaboratory - Multidisciplinary Experimentation Project (6 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Biolaboratory - Multidisciplinary Experimentation Project


The course unit Biolaboratory – Multidisciplinary Experimentation Project aims at promoting multidisciplinary learning environments, contributing to fuse acquisition of new knowledge with the development of laboratory skills, and the experimentation (not only scientific, but also artistic and social) as an answer to the resolution of specific problems. In this understanding, the following objectives can be listed:

  • acknowledge the relevance of multidisciplinary approaches in the production of scientific knowledge and in the science-society dialogue;
  • foster dialogue and collaboration abilities in a multidisciplinary team;
  • develop the ability to conceive, plan and implement an interdisciplinary project work, promoting collaborative work enhancing the complementarity of knowledge and skills;
  • acquire (and / or deepen) laboratory work skills in the context of life sciences and the issues under study;
  • recognize the contribution of artistic practices in the reflection around problems associated with life sciences;
  • stimulate skills in communicating the group project to different audiences, namely by their peers, but also other social agents.
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