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Dear mobility student, welcome to FPCEUP!

Our Faculty’s main goal is to encourage and promote mobility opportunities under the Erasmus Program and Cooperation Agreements as a form of students’ internationalization, providing them further cultural and life experiences which might contribute to their enrichment as citizens of the world.
We are certain that at the end of this experience you will take in your luggage a handful of new achievements, new skills and especially new friendships! We hope that this will be an opportunity to grow not only as a student but above all as a person.
Remember that, you are not alone in this great adventure, we're just right here, beside you!

FPCEUP’s Mobility Office

How to apply?

In each academic year, students enrolled in foreign Universities with an existing Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement or a Cooperation Agreement (eg. Brazil), can apply for a mobility period at FPCEUP according to a limited number of places defined each academic year.
All applications and supporting documents should be submitted online according to the following deadlines:
  • Full Academic year till May 21st (results to be announced from 15th June)
  • 1st semester till May 21st (results to be announced from 15th June)
  • 2nd semester till October 15th (results to be announced from 15th November)

Please check the Academic Calendar as our academic year is organized as follows:
  • Fall Term or 1st semester: from September to December
    Evaluation period: January and middle of February
  • Spring Term or 2nd semester: from middle of February to the end of May
    Evaluation period: June and July

Application Procedure:

Students selected by their Home Institution have to register online in order to obtain a username and password to access the application form at the U.Porto website:

International > Being International at U.Porto > Application

These credentials will be automatically sent to the student in order to create the application form.

We strongly advise the student to read the Online Application Guide also available in the same page (sidebar on the right).

For a more effective and easy way to fill in the application, we recommend students to organize all the required information and documents with the responsible person for the mobility at their Home Institution.

Once the online application form is completed, it must be submitted, printed in pdf, signed by the student and his/her mobility coordinators, stamped and uploaded with all the required documents in one pdf file at U.Porto website.

Required documents:

  • Online Application Form and Learning Agreement
  • Transcript of Records issued by the Home Institution in portuguese or english
  • Copy of ID card or passport
  • Medical certificate (if applicable) confirming the student disability or special need that may interfere with the accomplishment of mobility, particularly in his/her learning process in FPCEUP
  • CV (optional)
  • Motivation Letter (optional)

Learning Agreement for Studies:

The Learning Agreement is a part of your application form online and it’s a study plan listing the courses you intend to attend during your mobility.

As the University of Porto uses the ECTS grading system, all courses have a number of ECTS credits which reflect the number of hours and amount of study workload the student has to accomplish in each course.

The credit is the total of all study activities for one course: lectures, seminars, practices, homework, reading, preparation for exams, writing essays, etc.. At the University of Porto, one credit corresponds to 27 hours of student total work. The credit load per semester is 30 ECTS and 60 ECTS for one academic year.

We strongly advise mobility students to sign up for a minimum of 20 ECTS per semester when applying.

Local grades are awarded on a scale of 0-20 (pass mark 10).

FPCEUP's Academic Offer:

Detailed information about the content of each course is available here.
For english version choose the British flag on the top of the page.
Click on each course to check its content and pre-requisites.

1st or 2nd Cycle Courses:

First degree in Educational Sciences
  • Students can choose courses from the 1st to the 3rd year. The course “E608 SIMF: Unit Contact with the outside” can be attended only by students who have been approved in the course “E512 SIMF: Initiation to the areas of professionalization in Education/Training” of the 5th semester.

Integrated Master in Psychology
  • Students may choose all courses from the 1st to the 4th year, but the course “P851 - Research Seminar” because only full degree students can attend it. Only students attending an equivalent level at their Home University can select courses from the specialization areas of the 4th year.

Master Degree in Educational Sciences
  • Students may choose all courses from the 1st year, but courses of the Specific Curricular Unit 3, because only full degree students can attend them.

3rd Cycle Courses:
  • Doctoral Program in Educational Sciences
  • Psychology Doctoral Programme
For both doctoral programmes, mobility students can only attend courses from the 1st year.

Please note that by the time you are applying to FPCEUP, we cannot assure your registration in the chosen courses, as some of them have a limited number of available places or you may find some timetable incompatibility, however you may choose others at your arrival at FPCEUP to replace them. The timetable of the courses will be available only at the beginning of each semester.

Learning Agreement for Placements:

Erasmus+ Placements:

Erasmus+ provides mobility grants for students who wish to carry out a placement abroad, in an European country entity (SMP mobility). In this case, bilateral agreements between institutions are not necessary only a Training Agreement.

If you want to apply for a placement at FPCEUP you should:
  • Contact the Research Center/Lab/Department where you want to do your traineeship directly or
  • Contact the Mobility Office by providing a brief description of the internship (objectives, area of interest, activities to develop, duration…), your CV and a Transcript of Records, in order to find you a supervisor.

As soon as the arrangements between your training supervisor and yourself are set up, you can fill in the application form online by choosing the option “Programme Erasmus+ Placements: Mobilities for Placements under Erasmus+ Program”.

During the application process you need to prepare the training agreement where you must indicate:
  • The activities to be developed
  • The competences to be acquired
  • The tasks to be performed by the student at the Host Institution
  • The evaluation of the internship
The Learning Agreement for Traineeships must be signed by you and also signed and stamped by the Erasmus coordinator/scientific supervisor at your home institution and uploaded with all the required documents in one pdf file at U.Porto website.

Cooperation Agreements:

If you are a PhD student you can apply for a placement at FPCEUP to carry out research work as part of your doctoral project.

Application Procudere

  • Contact directly the lecturer that will be your supervisor at FPCEUP or
  • Contact the Mobility Office providing a brief description of your PhD project, proposed working plan and your CV. At the same time you should contact the Postgraduate Office to get information about your acceptance by FPCEUP’s Scientific Council.
When the arrangements between your training supervisor and yourself are concluded, you can fill in the application form online by choosing the option “Cooperation Agreement - Placements ”.

Please bear in mind that you are not able to attend courses, therefore you should fill in the “Work Program” field by providing a brief description of the planned research work you will develop at FPCEUP and indicating the name of your future supervisor at FPCEUP.

The Application Form and Work Program must be signed by you and also signed and stamped by the mobility coordinator/scientific supervisor and the responsible at your home institution and uploaded with all the required documents in one pdf file at U.Porto website.

Acceptance Procudere

Once all needed documents have been uploaded, including the application form, FPCEUP will decide on your acceptance by validating your application. Only after that the International Office of the University of Porto will issue and send you the official Acceptance Letter and the Approved Learning Agreement/Work Program.

Language Requirements

All courses lectured at FPCEUP are taught in Portuguese and the majority of them require fluent verbal interaction in Portuguese language, so students should try to have some preparation in Portuguese before their arrival (minimum recommended level B1) otherwise students cannot attend them.

Some lectures may allow students to write assignments and take exams in other languages, namely in English, but this situation can only be agreed upon arrival, individually.

For information about Portuguese Language Courses offered at the U.Porto click here or contact directly the: Portuguese for Foreigners Office of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

Phone: +351 22 607 71 65 | e-mail:


University Halls of Residence

UP’s International Office manages accommodation in the University Halls of Residence in collaboration with the Social Services of the University of Porto (SASUP) and you should express your interest by filling in page 4 of the Application Form. The request will be only considered after the approval of the Learning Agreement proposed and by order of the application´s acceptance, however it does not guarantee the attribution of a place in the University of Porto Halls of Residence.

Private Accommodation

UP’s International Office provides a list of rooms/apartments available in the city under request to, however since the management of these requests is external to the University, it cannot assume any responsibility in the attribution of this type of accommodation.

Private Accommodation links:
  • University Residence World SPRU Porto Campanhã
  • Pousada de Juventude do Porto (Youth Hostel)
  • FAP Alojamento
  • Busca Quarto (rooms, flats and flat sharing)
  • ErasmusU (useful information about a variety of cities and universities for exchange students)


Buddy FPCE.UP is a project created to promote the academic integration of exchange students in FPCEUP with the help of volunteer students. All mobility students coming to FPCEUP will have a Buddy. If you need any support before your arrival at FPCEUP please send an email to

Student Visa

Students from EU countries are allowed in the country upon the presentation of their valid ID card or passport. All exchange students coming from Non-EU countries should hold a study visa issued by the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate in their home country.


Students should have their own travel/private Health Insurance or the European Health Insurance Card. Medical Services of the University are also available for international students.


Find out how to get the best experience, inside and outside the classroom, at UPorto. Curious??? Take a look

For more information contact us:

FPCEUP’s Mobility Office
1st floor, room 125
Rua Alfredo Allen, s/n
4200-135 Porto, Portugal
Phone: (+351) 22 606 18 81/ (+351) 22 040 06 46

Attendance timetable:

•    Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m.
•    Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m.
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