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The University - World of Work link, the university's relationship with its alumni and support for the integration of graduates into the labor market are themes that occupy an increasingly important place in the agendas and activity plans of the University of Porto and the FPCEUP. In this context, FPCEUP is developing an innovative initiative to promote the connection between its current and former students, the latter now active actors in the labor market.

The PROFESSIONAL MENTORING PROGRAM - "Mentoria.PRO" fundamentally aims to stimulate and structure the establishment of short-term "one-to-one" follow-up relationships between final year students ("mentors") and graduates ("mentors"), as a space for sharing experiences, exchange of ideas and development of new skills.

Based on a logic of reciprocity, it is intended that the Professional Mentoring relationships have added value for both parties involved:

On the one hand, the STUDENT has privileged conditions of access to the professional's capital of knowledge regarding the work contexts, the exercise of the profession and the dynamics of the world of work, the development of fundamental transversal skills as a professional future and the expansion and diversification of the your network of contacts (to meet as well as make yourself known).

On the other hand, the FORMER STUDENT (now a professional) finds here an opportunity to access new scientific and technical knowledge, get closer to the current events of FPCEUP, develop their own mentoring skills, and even detect promising and talented students.

Consult the regulation.


FPCEUP students enrolled in the following courses/years:
  • Integrated Master in Psychology (4th and 5th years)
  • Degree in Education Science (3rd year)

  • Master in Educational Sciences (1st and 2nd years)

Former FPCEUP students who have completed one or more degree-granting courses.


FPCEUP Professional Integration and Alumni Support Unit
Sala 108
Rua Alfredo Allen, 4200-135 Porto
T. | 22 606 18 92
E. | mentoria.pro@fpce.up.pt
Facebook | facebook.com/mentoria.pro



Ambassadors (students)

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