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Director's competences

  • Represent the organic unit in the senate and on the board of directors, before the other organs of the institution and abroad;
  • Chairing the body with management skills and directing the services of the organic unit;
  • Responding to requests made by the Rector or the general council, within the deadlines defined by them according to the needs of the University's government, namely with regard to strategic plans, budgets and activity reports and of accounts;
  • Approve the timetable and timetable for teaching tasks, after hearing the pedagogical advice;
  • Execute the deliberations of the scientific council and the pedagogical council, when binding;
  • Exercise the disciplinary power delegated by the Rector;
  • To prepare the proposals for the strategic plans of the organic unit and the action plan for the four-year term of its mandate, after consultation with the scientific council and the pedagogical council, in conjunction with the strategic plan of the University;
  • To elaborate the proposal for the general guidelines of the organic unit in the scientific, pedagogical and financial plans, in conjunction with the plans approved by the general council and other competent bodies of the University;
  • Prepare the budget and activity plan proposals, as well as the activities and accounts report, in accordance with the corresponding plans approved by the general council;
  • To elaborate the proposals to create, transform or extinguish departments of the organic unit, after hearing the scientific advice;
  • Approve the regulations of the Departments, study cycles, research structures and services of the Organic Unit;
  • To nominate the directors of the courses on the proposal of the director of the department;
  • Delegate budget allocation management to the Department Director, if assigned to the department;
  • Draw conclusions about the evaluation reports of the research structures that comprise the organic unit and those in which its teachers and researchers participate;
  • To propose to the Rector the creation or alteration of study cycles, after consultation with the scientific council and the pedagogical council;
  • Propose to the Rector the maximum values ​​for new admissions and enrollments under legal terms;
  • Manage social support devices for students, in conjunction with social action services, and develop tuition payment plans that can facilitate attendance and progression in higher education;
  • Perform the functions delegated by the Rector;
  • Issuing and approving the regulations necessary for the proper functioning of the organic unit;
  • Approve the establishment of covenants, agreements, international partnerships and service provision contracts;
  • To approve the distribution of the teaching service, taking into account its feasibility from the financial and operational point of view;
  • Decide on the appointment and hiring of personnel, in any capacity;
  • Collect and manage revenues and authorize the realization of expenses and payments;
  • Decide on the acceptance of movable assets;
  • To appoint and dismiss, under the terms of the Law, the managers of the services of the organic unit;
  • Perform the other functions provided for in the Law.

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