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Welcome to FPCEUP

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto began its activity in 1980 and is proud to be currently a reference in training and research in the fields of Psychology and Educational Sciences, having contributed to the training of excellence professionals in areas such as education, justice, health, public administration, business and socio-cultural animation, among others.

As an institution at the forefront of research, with a national and internationally recognized contribution, the FPCEUP houses two research centers funded by the FCT and various other structures (laboratories and observatories) that create the conditions for the development of research in various fields, favoring the early contact of the students with the research activities developed there.

In line with the mission of the University of Porto, the internationalization strand is a priority axis for the development of the FPCEUP, demonstrated through the growing number of projects and protocols with foreign entities, the increase in student flows and the exchange of teachers, researchers and technicians in the field of cooperation and mobility programs.

With a community of about 2000 students in the areas of degree-based training, FPCEUP strongly invests in lifelong education and lifelong learning programs, seeking to respond to the professional, civic and cultural training needs of society. The insertion in the community and the role it claims in the scope of local social development - axis of action within the scope of the 3rd mission of the University of Porto - are illustrated in the offer of services to the community, psychological consultation, consultancy, training and services dedicated to education and family.

With almost 40 years of activity, in the midst of institutional maturity, FPCEUP projects itself into the future as a reference school, committed to offering quality teaching and positioning itself at the forefront of research in its areas of practice.

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