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Dissemination of Research Work II

Code: PDPSI31     Acronym: DSTI II

Classification Keyword
CNAEF Psychology

Instance: 2021/2022 - A Ícone do Moodle

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Psychology
Course/CS Responsible: Psychology Doctoral Program

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
PDPSI 3 Plano Oficial - 2015 3 - 12 48 324

Teaching Staff - Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibility
Marina Gomes Serra de Lemos

Teaching language

Suitable for English-speaking students


The course Dissemination of Research Work II aims to encourage doctoral students to share the results of their research, thus contributing to achieving the purpose of the Doctoral Program in Psychology.
This course is an extension of the 4th semester curricular unit (with the same name) and also builds on the Scientific Writing Seminar.

Learning outcomes and competences

Paper presentation in conferences.

Working method


Pre-requirements (prior knowledge) and co-requirements (common knowledge)

Does not apply


Papers/posters in scientific meetings
Scientific writing
Submission of papers
APA standards.

Mandatory literature

American Psychological Association; Mastering APA style. ISBN: 978-1-4338-0558-5
Sternberg Robert J. 340; Guide to publishing in psychology journals. ISBN: 0-521-59460-X

Teaching methods and learning activities

Tutorial guidance, normally on a weekly basis.


Social sciences > Psychological sciences > Psychology

Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation without final exam

Assessment Components

designation Weight (%)
Participação presencial 50,00
Trabalho escrito 50,00
Total: 100,00

Amount of time allocated to each course unit

designation Time (hours)
Apresentação/discussão de um trabalho científico 8,00
Estudo autónomo 108,00
Trabalho de investigação 108,00
Trabalho escrito 100,00
Total: 324,00

Eligibility for exams

Attending meetings with supervisor.
At least a paper published or in press.
At least two presentations in scientific meetings.

Calculation formula of final grade

The supervisor is responsible for the evaluation of the student taking into account the student’s activities of preparation and presentation of research papers in scientific meetings and submission of papers to scientific journals. The presentations can be made orally or in a poster format, on national or international meetings, and usually focus partial aspects of the students’ work. The papers should be submitted to indexed journals.
For the students’ evaluation supervisors consider the following criteria: the students’ ability to select relevant information; the accuracy and clarity of the presentation and the students’ ability to work autonomously.

Examinations or Special Assignments

Acording to regulations

Internship work/project

Does not apply

Special assessment (TE, DA, ...)

Acording to regulations
Students must contact the supervisor at the beggining of the semester

Classification improvement

Does not apply
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