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Psychology Degree

Students’ Scientific and Academic competences and aims of the course:

  • Knowledge about theories of basic psychological: processes;
  • Knowledge about elucidative theories in the fields of Educational, Social, Developmental, Personality, Work, Health and Clinical Psychology;
  • Knowledge about intervention theories in the fields of Educational, Social, Developmental, Personality, Work, Health and Clinical Psychology;
  • Analysis, written and oral synthesis ability;
  • Ability to participate in research projects;
  • Communication and relationship ability;
  • Ability to use strict methods/techniques and assessment and psychological intervention instruments;
  • Ability for theoretical and practical integration using conceptual frames of phenomena understanding;
  • Ability to communicate knowledge and psychological methods and to link them with other subjects;
  • Team work ability;
  • Ability to manage resources;

Professional contexts:
Health Care Centres; Hospitals; Counselling and psychotherapy; Psychology and guidance services; Regular and Special Educational Institutions; Socio-educational and Communitarian Intervention Projects; Social Security Services; Protection Commissions of at-risk Child and Youth; Leisure Associations; Institutions dealing with drug-addicts; Dissuasion Commissions of the Institute of Drugs and Drug-addiction; Judicial System and Victim Support system; Youth Tutorship System; Family and Youth Courts; Communitarian Centres; Communitarian Investigation and Intervention Projects; Jail system; Employment Centres; Human Resources Management Services; Services of Professional Risks Prevention and Analysis; Research.

The course was evaluated by an external assessment commitee in 1996/1997 and 2003/2004. Report


For information, please contact:

Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - Porto University
Rua do Dr. Manuel Pereira da Silva 4200-392 PORTO
Telef.: 351 22 607 97 00
Fax: 351 22 607 97 25

> Projects and Public Relations Office
Telef.: 351 22 606 18 81 - 351 22 607 97 00

> Academic Department
Telef.: 351 22 606 58 87 - 351 22 607 97 00



No edition since 2007/08

General information

Official Code: 695
Acronym: LPSI
Academic Degree: Bachelor
Type of course/cycle of study: First Degree
Start: 1975/1976
End: 2006/2007
Duration: 5 Years

Study Plan


  • Psychology Degree ( national credits)
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