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Master Degree in Educational Sciences

Fields of Specialization

In the 2017-2019 edition, this course is organized with the following domains:
  • Administration, Management and Implementation of Leadership
  • Education, Communities and Social Change
  • Education, Gender, Body and Violence
  • Education and Deafness. Bilingualism and Sign Language

In the 2018-2020 edition, this course is organized with the following domains:
  • Art, Sustainability and Education
    This proposal is based on the concerns and findings of a set of international projects in which FPCEUP has participated as a partner over the years, exploring burning issues of our time. These projects allowed to identifying both the gaps in the current education and the possibilities to create and experience other forms of education in which a focus on learning through the arts, as an ethical, aesthetic and solidarity experience, allows the construction of a new perspective on education and about everyday life. This concern and goal are also articulated with a more holistic view of the world of life where a focus on sustainability and human development at all levels will allow foreshadowing more creative and sensitive approaches to education and the diversity of contexts where it has place. Education and training are understood as processes that occur in context, being developed and reconfigured within the network of relationships between children, young people and professionals. Therefore it makes sense that both education and training should simultaneously invest in working with the different groups involved in it, taking into account their specificity, complementarities and the reduction of potential conflicts.

  • Education, Communities and Social Change
    The domain “Education, Communities and Social Change” crosses the heritage of knowledge and intervention of two research areas – “Policy, Policies and Participation” and “Local Development and Adults Education and Training” - in a proposal that, globally, seeks to promote the development of modes of research and intervention attentive to the dynamics of local/communitarian and participatory processes of education and training production, concerning diverse problems and various target groups, and the socio-political dimensions that involve and configure those dynamics. In particular, it aims to provide students with the acquisition of knowledge and skills that allow to: i) reflect on policies, programs, projects and practices of educational, social and community intervention and its educational meanings and conceptions of social change; ii ) support and develop professional practices of socio-educational intervention in fields such as community intervention, socio-cultural animation, youth and adults education and the training of trainers and other professionals in human development; iii ) develop , implement and evaluate intervention and consultation processes, anchored in participatory research procedures, in diverse problematics and with various target groups, enabling to (re)create social ties at the local and community levels and to influence the construction of a more equitable and resilient society.
    In this edition, there will be a specific focus on issues that connect education and media, reflecting on the ways in which both traditional (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) and new media (social networks, digital platforms, video games, etc.) challenge and contribute to reconfigure the educational field and create new spaces for diverse educational practices (e.g. issues of media literacy, new educational technologies, edutainment) and new possibilities in terms of intervention for social change.

  • Higher Education: policies, institutional governance, management and administration
    This domain aims to promote specific training of students in the area of higher education policies and institutional governance, management and administration. It is intended that they acquire knowledge and skills allowing: i) to reflect and research on institutional policies, structures and processes of management and administration; ii) to contribute to the development of reflexivity of professional practices, namely in the areas of academic training and management, of student’s support, of employability, of strategic studies and planning, of improvement of teaching and learning processes, of communication, of international relations, and of research and development support; iii) to participate in research projects, namely institutional research, preparation of decision-making processes, monitoring and follow-up of external/internal audit and control processes.
    The students will be given the possibility to participate in research projects in the areas of higher education studies and the option for the curricular internship will be supported by the participation in institutional contexts, with a view to favoring the initiation to autonomous professional practice and integration in the professional environment.

  • Supervision and teacher education
    Focused generally on the problems currently challenging the School and in particular on the work of teachers to address these challenges, the domain of specialization is aimed at early childhood educators, primary and secondary school teachers and other professionals of the field of education whose professional practice establishes relations with school education and the work of teachers. Based on national and international research results, the domain aims to provide the acquisition of theoretical and methodological knowledge in the fields of supervision and teacher education, favoring a praxeological and critical approach. It will be requested to accredit the course to the Scientific-Pedagogical Council of In-service Teacher Education.


Postgraduate Office 
T. | +351 22 042 89 20 
E. | spg@fpce.up.pt

Academic Department

T. | +351 22 042 89 00
E. | s_academico@fpce.up.pt

General information

Official Code: 6031
Director: Maria de Fátima Pereira
Acronym: MCED
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of study: Masters Degree
Start: 2007/2008
Duration: 4 Semesters

Study Plan


  • Master's Degree in Educational Sciences (120 ECTS credits)
  • Advanced Studies (2nd cycle) in Educational Sciences (60 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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