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Integrated Master Psychology

The course plan of the Integrated Master course in Psychology, hereafter MIP, includes a 1st cycle of general training for six semesters corresponding to 180 ECTS and a second cycle of four semesters corresponding to 120 ECTS which provides specialized training in one of four areas:
- Psychological Intervention, Education and Human Development
- Clinical and Health Psychology
- Organizational, Work and Social Psychology
- Psychology of Justice and Deviant Behavior

The granting of the master's degree requires the demonstration of the following skills:

a) Being knowledgable of different theoretical approaches and methodologies in psychology at an advanced level, built upon the 1st cycle of studies or 180 ECTS and that can give rise to original developments or applications for research

b) Being able to apply knowledge and skills in the context of professional practice in psychology, in new and unfamiliar situations and multidisciplinary contexts

c) Being able to use expertise in Psychology to integrate knowledge, deal with complex issues, develop solutions and make judgments in situations of limited information, including to reflect on their ethical and social implications

d) Being able to communicate expert conclusions and their justifications to diferent parties, inside or outside the field of psychology, in a clear and unambiguous way

e) Possess skills that will allow autonomous acquisition of knowledge throughout life (life long learning).

The employment activities include companies, hospitals, health centres, social security services, regional planning divisions, job and vocational training centres, education, prison and probation services, local government, clinics and psychological consultation centres.

Admission requisits
- Have successfully completed secondary school or have an equivalent qualification
- Have completed one of the following university entrance exams (central exams prepared by the Ministery of Education and Science): 02 Biology and Geology, or 17 Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences, or 18 Portuguese
- No prerequisits
- The formula for calculating the access note is: 50% (secondary school average) + 50% (entrance exams)

Duration: 5 years


For information, please contact:

Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto
Rua Alfredo Allen, 4200-135 PORTO
Telef.: 351 22 607 97 00
Fax: 351 22 607 97 25

> Postgraduate Office
Telef.: 351 226061891 Fax: +351 226061888

> Mobility Office
Telef.: 351 22 606 18 81 - 351 22 607 97 00

> Academic Departement
Telef.: 351 22 606 58 87 - 351 22 607 97 00

General information

Official Code: 9555
Director: Alexandra Oliveira
Acronym: MIPSI
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of study: Integrated Master
Start: 2007/2008
End: 2020/2021
Duration: 5 Years

Study Plan


  • Master in Psychology - Specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology (300 ECTS credits)
  • Master in Psychology - Specialization in Psicological Intervention, Education and Human Development (300 ECTS credits)
  • Master in Psychology - Specialization in Psychology of Deviant Behaviour and Justice (300 ECTS credits)
  • Master in Psychology - Specialization in Organizational, Social and Work Psychology (300 ECTS credits)
  • First Degree of Psychological Science (180 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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