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Basic Immunology

Code: MI306     Acronym: IMUNB

Classification Keyword
OFICIAL Medicine

Instance: 2009/2010 - 1S

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Basic & Clinical Immunology
Course/CS Responsible: Master Degree in Medicine

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
MIMED 289 Mestrado Integrado em Medicina 2007 3 - 3,5 34 94,5

Teaching language



To acquire the knowledge of basic mechanisms of the immune response, including the biological response to exogenous or endogenous agents in human pathology.


A – To acquire the knowledge about the cellular, molecular and functional organization of the immune system. B – To be able to collect, analyze and report data from basic immunological techniques; C – To recognize the role of the immune response in the biological response to damage; D – To be able to search and organize information form scientific data bases; E – To acquire initiative and team work capacities.

Teaching methods and learning activities

1. Immunity - concept and biopathological relevance;
2. The Immune system - components and functional organization;
3. B lymphocytes - development and antibody synthesis;
4. T lymphocytes - ontogenesis, antigen recognition immunoregulatory role;
5. Antibodies – structure and fucntion
6. Antigens - immunogenicity and antigen processing;
7. Major histocompatibility complex - structure and participation on the afferent, central and immune responses;
8. Immunological tolerance - mechanisms of central and peripheral immune tolerance;
9. Regulation of the immune response - by the antigen, intrinsic, neuroendocrine and genetic;
10. Effector mechanisms and the amplification of the immune response – complement system, inflammatory cytokines, chemokines. Inflammation and cellular recruitment;
11. Cytokines – regulatory role in B and T lymphocyte response.

Evaluation Type

Evaluation with final exam

Eligibility for exams

Basic Immunology will have a total of 94.5 learning hours/year (3.5 ECTS), of which 34h (36%) will be teaching classes. These will include 2 classes per week – 1 hour each – of lectures or seminars; group work will represent 1h per week of contact with the teaching team.


Lectures summaries, iconography and bibliographic materials for seminars and group works, will be supplied and available at the Immunology e-learning platform (WebCT Vista) within the University of Porto e-learning project.
Additional bibliography: Immunobiology. Janeway, Travers, Walport, Shlomchik eds. 6th Edition, 2005, Garland Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0 8153 4101 6; Immunology, Kindt TJ, Goldsby RA, Osborne BA eds. 6th ed, 2006 WH Freeman and Co, ISBN 0 7167 8590 0; Immunology, Male D, Brostoff J, Roth DB, Roitt I eds. 7th Edition; 2006, Mosby Elsevier. ISBN 0 323 03399 7.
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