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InformationThe course/CS does not admit students in 2008/2009.
The course degree in Medicine is of a 6-year duration and it is organised to disciplines in the first 3 years, in what corresponds to the “basic cycle.” Except for Neuroanatomy and Clinical Anatomy of the 2nd year, which are offered semestrially, all the others are offered for the complete academic year. In the 4th and 5th year - “clinical cycle” - the teaching/learning program is organized in “blocks” of clinical rotations and in the 6th year the organization tends to be exclusively clinical practice.


The number of students is 1308 in total for the academic year of 2005/2006 (260 in the 1st year; 256 in the 2nd year; 206 in the 3rd year; 201 in the 4th year; 203 the 5th year and 182 in the 6th year).

General information

Official Code: 0580
Acronym: MED
Type of course/cycle of study: First Degree
Start: 1959/1960
End: 2008/2009
Duration: 6 Years

Study Plan

Predominant Scientific Areas

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