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Specialization Course in Clinical Orthodontics

The Specialization course will cover 24 modules (2430 hours). The main aim of this course is to develop different types of performances and procedures, through the discussion of clinical cases, taking into account the diverse multidisciplinary aspects. Students will be offered a strong clinical preparation, by attending clinical appointments in the area. This course also aims to improve the knowledge of the professionals, who want to take a multidisciplinary approach in the area. Students will therefore develop selection, diagnosis and patients treatment skills.


Numerus Clausus : Max: 16 Min: 8

Online Applications: From 1 September to 9 September 2011

Selection Criteria: Curricular Assessment and interview

List of admitted and non-admitted applications: The list will be available online until 12 September 2011

Admission appeals and complaints (if applicable):
1st phase: from 13/9/11 to 14/9/11

Placement of substitutes (if applicable):
1st phase: from 19/9/11 to 20/9/11

Registration deadline:
1st phase: 15 and 16 September 2011

Fee: 8400 ¤. The payment should be made as follows:
a) at registration: 2550 ¤ (600¤ - registration + 650¤ x 3 modules)
b) In November 2011: 1950¤ (650¤ x 3 modules)
c) In February 2012: 2100¤ (700¤ x3 modules)
d) In May 2012: 2250¤ (700¤ x 3 modules)
e) In September 2012: 2100¤ (700¤ x 3 modules)
f) In November 2012: 2100¤ (700¤ x 3 modules)
g) In February 2013: 2100¤ (700¤ x 3 modules)
h) In May 2013: 2100¤ (700¤ x 3 modules)

Starting Date: September 2011

Schedule: 1 module per month (Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 7pm) plus five hours of weekly clinical practice (to be defined with each student)

Access: Holders of a degree in Medicine or Dental Medicine. Holders of other degrees from Portuguese or foreign Universities may also be admitted, after a curricular assessment by the Scientific Committee.

Teaching Staff
Prof. Doutor José Manuel Amarante
Dr. João Correia Pinto
Prof. Doutor Campos Neves
Prof. Doutor Josep Ustrell
Dr. Nuno Gustavo de Oliveira
Dr. Jorge Serafim Freitas
Dr. Tiago Fonseca
Dr. Nuno Gil
Prof. Doutor Jurandir António Barbosa
Prof. Doutor Roberto Torres Alves

Information :
Department for Research and Post-Graduate Studies
Continuing Education Office
Tel.: 22 551 36 89
Fax.: 22 551 36 92
E.mail: educacaocontinua@med.up.pt

General information

Official Code: 3917
Teacher Responsible: Pedro Ferreira
Acronym: EOC
Type of course/cycle of study: Specialization
Start: 2011/2012
End: 2014/2015
Duration: 2 Years

Study Plan


  • Specialization Course in Clinical Orthodontics (90 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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