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Evidence Synthesis - Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis


The current growth and accumulation of scientific evidence renders evidence synthesis studies (namely systematic reviews and meta-analysis) particularly useful, as they allow for a rigorous, systematic, complete and unbiased synthesis of the available scientific evidence regarding a give scientific question, as well as for the analysis and exploration of the its underlying heterogeneity. This course aims to develop the essential theoretical and methodological knowledge and the practical skills needed to perform an evidence synthesis study, with a particular focus on the fields of biomedical research.


Medical students, medical interns, medical residents, specialist physicians, nurses, health technicians and other healthcare professionals.


Gestão Académica dos Cursos de Educação Continua

Tel.: 220426975

e-mail: formacaocontinua@med.up.pt

General information

Teacher Responsible: Luís Azevedo
Acronym: ES-SR&MA
Type of course/cycle of study: Continuing Training Unit
Start: 2018/2019
Duration: 67,5 Hour

Study Plan


  • Evidence Synthesis - Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (2,5 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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