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Human brain dissection and neuroanatomy

This training course aims to acknowledge the surface anatomy of the human brain, as well as to recognize its internal organization and its basic functions.

It will enable trainees to improve their skills on the dissection techniques for the identification, isolation and preservation of both gray and white matter structures, nuclei and fiber tracts of the cerebral hemispheres, brain stem and cerebellum, and also of meninges and brain vessels.

Trainees will identify and understand the three-dimensional organization of the brain.

Finally, this course will also allow the trainees to correlate morphology, function and neuroimaging and to acknowledge the differences in both two and three-dimensional perspectives.


Course accredited by the University of Porto. Credits: 3 ECTS.


Medical Doctors, Dentists, Biologists, Pharmacitis, Psychologists and professionals of other areas of Science and health.

Degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, Anatomy teachers.

Other potencial recipients: Physiotherapists, Nurses amd Sport Sciences amd Physical Education, Students of the areas referred to above, provided that they have completed the 1st phase of the study cycle.

Admission criteria:

Number of participants: 16 (max)/4 (min).

Tuition fee: 550¤ (the fee must be paid upon definitive registration)

Applications online: 17.04 to 17.05.2020

Provisional results display: 25.05.2020

Previous Audience: 
 26.05 a 8.06.2020

Display of definitive results:

Presentation of the applicants complaint:

Publication of the complaint decision:

Registrations on-line: 
19 a 26.06.2020

Date Course Duration:   1, 2, 3  july 2020



To assist the application, you can consult the Guide Support (1)


 To assist the registration, you can consult the Guide Support (2)





More information:

Unit of Anatomy, Department of Biomedicine
tel. 22 551 36 16 /   e-mail insanato@med.up.pt

Gestão Académica dos Cursos de Educação Continua

Tel.: 220426975

e-mail: formacaocontinua@med.up.pt

Informações e contactos

General information

Teacher Responsible: Susana Maria Silva
Acronym: DAEHN
Type of course/cycle of study: Continuing Training Unit
Start: 2015/2016
Duration: 81 Hour

Study Plan


  • Human Brain Dissection and Neuroanatomy ( ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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