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Integrated Master in Medicine

Plano Oficial 2021

Academic year:

  1st Year
1st Semester
MI121GMOLMolecular Genetics7
MI122IEIntroduction to Epidemiology4
MI120EMCMolecular Structure of the Cell7
MI123HUMEDHumanities in Medicine3
MI119ANAT1Anatomy I9
2nd Semester
MI124ANAT2Anatomy II9
MI125MHHuman Metabolism9
MI128CCCCytogenetics and Cell Cycle3
MI126DMCMolecular Cell Dynamics6
MI127SPOPPopulations Health3

  3rd Year
1st Semester
MI331BIOPAT1Biopathology I8
MI334PMMedical Propedeutics6
MI332FARM1Pharmacology I6
MI333MM1Medical Microbiology I4
MI335IMCClinical Immunology4
2nd Semester
MI340GCClinical Genetics3
MI337FARM2Pharmacology II6
MI339PCSurgical Propedeutics6
MI336BIOPAT2Biopathology II7
MI338MM2Medical Microbiology II5
MI341BDMBioethics and Professional Ethics3

Type of Classification: OFICIAL

Course units belonging to the academic fields defined in the active curricular structure(s) in the current academic year


  Any Scientific Area of UPorto
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