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Master Programme in Medical Informatics

General information

Official Code: 9525
Acronym: MIM
Description: Medical Informatics (MI) is the study of theoretical aspects of information science specific to the understanding of biomedical data, information and knowledge and to the practical application of information technologies in health systems, aimed at improving aspects related to safety, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and availability of healthcare services. The Master’s degree course in MI is designed to prepare students to work as administrators and consultants for Health information systems, project managers for Health Information Systems or researchers in the field of Health Informatics, working in particular with decision support systems, e-Health, medical image and signal processing, IT security, and more.


  • Master Programme in Medical Informatics (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialization in Medical Informatics (60 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Introduction to informatics

IM2014_01 - ECTS

Scientific Research and Communication

IM2014_04 - ECTS Provide the students with knowledge and skills in the design, production and dissemination of scientific research in medical informatics

Medicine and health systems

IM2014_02 - ECTS

Understand the diverse medical terminology and health services  processes and organization with emphasis to the Portuguese National Health Service. Learn the fundaments of medicine (intervenient, normal and disease concepts, clinical method and decision), health systems and current healthcare providing. Management and coding of clinical information and production of indicators.

Sistemas Interativos para a Saúde

IM2020_01 - ECTS

Telemedicine and e-health

IM2014_05 - ECTS

Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics

IM2014_08 - ECTS


IM2014_18 - ECTS

Data Mining in Healthcare

IM2014_11 - ECTS In this curricular unit, machine learning methods will be addressed for the knowledge discovery in data (data mining) in the health area.

Quality and Management Indicators in Healthcare

IM2014_10 - ECTS This curricular unit will discuss topics related to the definition and use of indicators, and also concepts of Health Economics. 

Clinical Information models and communication standards in healthcare

IM2014_12 - ECTS

This course aims to discuss health information exchanges (HIEs) between clinical and public/population health data systems, to discuss the main categories and HIT standards and to discuss the standards harmonization process.

Probabilistic Graphical Models

IM2014_13 - ECTS

This unit aims to empower the students with necessary knowledge and skills to use modern methods of probabilistic reasoning for biomedical problems, more specifically regarding theory and practice of Bayesian networks for interdependencies exploration and clinical decision support.


Signal and image processing

IM2014_15 - ECTS


IM2014_17 - ECTS

Dissertation Project

IM2014_16 - ECTS

Informatics security

IM2014_09 - ECTS

Clinical Decision Support Systems

IM2014_06 - ECTS The main objective of this discipline is to provide necessary and general concepts of clinical decision support systems to students.

Health Information Systems and Electronic Health Records

IM2014_07 - ECTS

Provide the students with knowledge and skills to select, design and manage health information systems and electronic health records


IM2014_20 - ECTS


IM2014_19 - ECTS

Provide the students with comprehensive knowledge of development and scientific research in medical informatics.

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