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Master Programme in Medical Informatics

General information

Official Code: 9525
Acronym: MIM


  • Master Programme in Medical Informatics (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialization in Medical Informatics (60 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Introduction to informatics

IM2014_01 - ECTS

Scientific Research and Communication

IM2014_04 - ECTS

Medicine and health systems

IM2014_02 - ECTS

Medical Signals and Imaging

IM2014_03 - ECTS

Telemedicine and e-health

IM2014_05 - ECTS

Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics

IM2014_08 - ECTS


IM2014_18 - ECTS

Data Mining in Healthcare

IM2014_11 - ECTS

Quality and Management Indicators in Healthcare

IM2014_10 - ECTS

Clinical Information models and communication standards in healthcare

IM2014_12 - ECTS

Probabilistic Graphical Models

IM2014_13 - ECTS

Signal and image processing

IM2014_15 - ECTS


IM2014_17 - ECTS

Dissertation Project

IM2014_16 - ECTS

Advanced Security

IM2014_14 - ECTS

Informatics security

IM2014_09 - ECTS

Clinical Decision Support Systems

IM2014_06 - ECTS

Health Information Systems and Electronic Health Records

IM2014_07 - ECTS


IM2014_20 - ECTS


IM2014_19 - ECTS
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