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Erasmus + Studies




Academic application procedures

Candidatura online

The deadlines for submission of international students' applications are:

  • Full Academic year: 15th May (results announced from 15th June)
  • 1st semester: 15th May (results announced from 15th June)
  • 2nd semester: 15th October (results announced from 15th November)

In order to access the Application Form, students selected by their home universities must first register by "requesting a username"
You will then receive an email containing a temporary user and password.

We strongly advise all students interested in undertaking a mobility period at the U.Porto to read the Online Application Guide available on the online application information page (right sidebar).

For a more effective and easier way to fill the Application, before accessing the Application Form, we recommend students to organize all the information and personal documents with the responsible for the mobility at the Home Institution, essential for submission of the application. Once the online application form is fully completed, it must be submitted by the student.

Next, students must print the PDF file of the Application Form and collect the signature and stamp of the Mobility Coordinator. To conclude the application, students must make the upload of all needed documents in ONE file (Application Form duly signed and stamped by your Home Institution, transcript of records, personal documents, etc).

Once all these stages are concluded, the application will be analyzed by the University of Porto.

Registration at UP

Upon arrival at the city of Porto, students must register at the U.Porto (through the Central Services for International Cooperation, in the Rectory building), in order to be officially recognized as student of the University of Porto.

Registration meetings are pre-scheduled on http://international.up.pt so you can choose the day and the most convenient time.

Registration at FMUP

After completing the registration at UP, students should come to International Relations Office (FMUP) to complete their registration (you must start classes/clinical practices even without registration at UP or FMUP). The International Relations Office is located on the 6th floor of the central building (stairs in front of elevator nr 10).

Registration meetings are pre-scheduled on https://international.med.up.pt so you can choose the day and the most convenient time.

Documents to be delivered:

  • "Academic Registration in FMUP" form;
  • 1 (one) photo;
  • Passport / ID;
  • Certificate of the Portuguese Course you attended OR Certificate that you are already attending (not applicable to "CPLP");
  • Any Certificate or Document that your University needs to be signed and stamped confirming your presence and arrival (it depends on the University).
ATTENTION: Without these documents students won’t be able to do their registration in FMUP.


Study plan


The Master Degree in Medicine is organized in semesters from the 1st to the 5th year (parallel course units throughout the semester), and 6th year (clinical practice) is organized in blocks (individual course units) throughout the year. Students can only select course units related to the clinical cycle – 4th, 5th and 6th years (applicable as of 2018/2019).

Annually, the schedules for each year will be made available, and it is not possible to conciliate different timetables (4th and 5th year semesters) with clinical practices (6th year). The optional course units are not available for attendance.

Consult the study plan.


1st semester 2nd semester
1st block 2nd block 1st block 2nd block
4th year Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule
5th year Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule
No period
6th year Schedule

ATTENTION: Due to different schedules, it’s only possible to combine course units of the 4th and 5th year. It’s not possible to combine semester course units (4th and 5th year) with clinical practice (6th year).

Classes/Schedules (applicable only for mobility studies)

The students' schedules (distribution of students per classes) are organized by the International Relations Office in coordination with the Course Committees. Due to the high number of students and in order to maintain the balance of the number of students per class, class changes won't be allowed. The Individual schedules will be emailed in due course.

Provision of study materials via the e-learning resources

Once the application process is completed and validated, the student will automatically have online access to the different platforms where the study material of the course units in which he / she is enrolled is made available. The student must request the access credentials from the IT Services' Helpdesk (located at the Medical Research Center, Eastern Building, 1st floor).

Issues concerning the provision of study materials and logistic organization (location of classrooms / amphitheaters, timetables, etc.) should be requested to the respective Course Committees (see the committees emails).

Assessement Report

In the end of each clinical practice, you must request the teacher/tutor or the Department secretariat to fill out, sign and stamp the "Assessement Report" (attached). Students are responsible for collecting the documents for later delivery at the International Relations Office in the end of the mobility period (pre-schedule an appointment).

The performance of clinical practice, without enrollment/attendance of course units, only allows assigning a qualitative evaluation, without assignment of ECTS and/or quantitative evaluation. The International Relations Office may only issue a certificate (based on the Assessment Report) with the number of hours and the qualitative assessment obtained. This information will not be included in the Transcription of Records.


Changes to the Learning Agreement

Upon arrival and registration at FMUP, students have 5 days to submit changes to the Learning Agreement. Students that have already received information about which subjects they won't be able to perform, or those who need to do adjustments to the period of stay, can submit the changes as soon as they receive the acceptance letter.

Grade improvement

The Erasmus student enrolled on a course unit can request to improve his grade during the supplementary or special season period if it exists. For that, he must personally register through Academic Management Services until the established deadline and pay the respective fees of ¤ 12,00 per class via ATM.

Transcript of Records

Open document


Academic Calendar


Buddy FMUP

Buddy FMUP is a project started in 2013 by "CA2Mobilidade" (Monitoring Committee and Mobility Program Evaluation) , in order to welcome and help foreign students who will participate in mobility programs at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (FMUP).

This design is based on the principles of voluntary work and cultural exchange, and coordinated by the International Relations Office and Mobility (GRIM) FMUP in collaboration with the Department of International Relations (DRI) of the Student Association of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (AEFMUP) .

Timely you will receive an email from a Medical student that will be you "BUDDY". The student will help you in the best way since the day you arrive until the day you leave Porto.


Other information

Students are advised to arrive about a week before the start of the school term. Students who, for some reason, cannot arrive in time for the start of the classes, must immediately notify the International Relations Office by email and send a statement from the home institution that justifies their absence.

Face-to-face service at the International Relations Office is done only by prior appointment (except for urgent situations), so we request that for any matter you schedule your appointment in advance at https://international.med.up.pt.

School Insurance

After registering, students should go to FMUP's Financial Services - Treasury (4th floor), to pay for School Insurance (¤ 2,00).

Office opening hours:
10:00h - 12:00h e 14:30h - 16:30h

Teaching Language and Portuguese Language Courses

Classes at FMUP are taught in Portuguese and communication with patients (clinical practice) is also in Portuguese.

It is worth mentioning that the U.Porto may also provide a tutorial support, whenever possible, in English to students that request for it. Also note that, some teachers may allow students to write assignments and take exams in other languages, namely in English, but this situation can only be agreed upon arrival and decisions are taken on a case-by-case basis.

Detailed information about the Portuguese Language Courses offered by U.Porto.
Portuguese Language Courses offered by the Faculty of Arts of U.Porto.

You can also contact the Faculty of Arts through the following address:
Ângela Oliveira
Portuguese for Foreigners Office
Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto
Phone: +351 22 607 71 65
Fax: + 351 22 609 16 10
e-mail: ple@letras.up.pt


Regarding the accommodation, we inform you that the International Office from U. Porto only manages accommodation in the University Halls of Residence.

Halls of Residence

  • Students can apply for accommodation when filling the Student Application Form;
  • The request will be only considered after the approval of the Learning Agreement proposed;
  • The attribution of places is done by the International Office of the U.Porto, by order of the application's acceptance;
  • The submission of the request does not guarantee the attribution of a place in the University of Porto Halls of Residence.

Private accommodation

The U.Porto provides a list of private accommodations available in the city, however, since the management of these requests is external to the University, it cannot assume any responsibility in the attribution of this type of accommodation.

Students interested in receiving the List of Private Accommodation should send an e-mail with the request to international@reit.up.pt.

Wireless Network

Students can request a login and a password to have access to computers and Wireless Network in in FMUP and in the University of Porto. They can only have access to this service after completing their registration and payment of the school insurance. The access credentials must be requested from the IT Services' Helpdesk (located at the Medical Research Center, Eastern Building, 1st floor)

Public Transportation Network

If you wish to travel to FMUP by using the public transportation network, we suggest you to purchase the Andante card (monthly payment) that will allow you to use the metro, bus and train. If you choose to use this service, you must request during your registration at FMUP (or in the online appointment)a statement to that effect, in order to benefit from students discounts.

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