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Curso Internacional em Geriatria Clínica

COURSE IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PUCRS - BRAZIL - IGG - Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology

The concept of health and community medicine for older people has become a reference for the WHO in Europe and the world. Humanization of care, promoting the rights of older people, interim and long-term care, prevention of therapeutic abandonment, abuse, malnutrition, social isolation and physical inactivity have become the foundation of health promotion programs and "aging well".

The doctor who cares for the elderly patient has to be able to differentiate normal aging abnormal aging and recognize atypical presentations of the most frequent diseases in this age group. Likewise, you must be able to recognize the geriatric syndromes and differences in the natural history and preferential treatment of the specific diseases of the elderly patient.

The methodologies include theoretical, theoretical and practical teaching and practical training. The teaching resources include group work and individual questionnaires, participate in discussion forums, presentation and discussion of case studies and scientific papers, conducting online short courses, video analysis, simulation and role-playing situations of clinical interaction, visit the contexts professional and watch medical appointments.

The evaluation is carried out at the end of each course, the online exams format available in Moodle (education platform). At the end of the course will also be applied to an in-person test with the matter of all courses and the presentation of a final work (both covered by the course “Work Course Conclusion” and final integration test).

This course is based on the frequency for videoconference: students must attend at least 75% of classes through videoconference. The remaining 25% of the classes can be watched through the recordings of the class.

 Scientific Committee

Ovídio Costa, PhD

Pedro Von Haffe, PhD

Newton Terra, PhD

Carlos Vaz, PhD






To provide the knowledge and skills necessary for a good practice of Geriatrics, in particular as regards the prevention of the most common diseases in this age stradiumum, its screening and early recognition and proper treatment by a multidisciplinary training, taught by teachers from different areas health, gerontology and social sciences.


Professional Abilities

Professional skills

Recognition of morphological and physiological adaptations of the body during aging. Knowledge of a set of knowledge necessary for the practice of medical activity that exerts clinical geriatrics in their main applications: global medical evaluation and specifies, health education and promotion of attitudes and healthy habits and the elderly patient nutrition.


Posts available

Max: 300 / Min : 40


Who is it for?

Medical Doctors (MD)

How is the selection process?

Applicants will be given classifications assessing the course final grade and professional category.

   Final grade:  . 20 Marks_ 80%  . 19 Marks _ 75%  . 18 Marks _ 70%  . 17 Marks _ 65%  . 16 Marks _ 60%  . 15 Marks _ 55%  . 14 Marks _ 50%  . 13 Marks _ 45%  . 12 Marks _ 40%  . 11 Marks _ 35%

. 10 Marks_ 30%

Professional category:

. Specialist _ 20%

. Intern 10%

. Resident_5%

 . Decisive criterion in case of tie:

In case of a tie it will prevail the best avalition in professional category. 


Online applications (unique phase): 12.03.2018

Display of final results: 14.03.2018

Online enrollment: 16.03 a 2.04.2018

candidate notification mode: Online in the FMUP website

 Crediting of academic background and professional experience:

. Submission of the application in the enrollment act

. Publication of results: 5.04.2018

. Amendment of the enrollment in consequence of crediting process: 6 a 10.04.2018

Schedule of the course:

Start: 13.04.2018

End: 13.04.2019


Price: 2,500.00¤ + ¤ 2 (school insurance).

Respective benefits and deadlines of payment:

   . 1st payment: 500,00 ¤ + 2 ¤ (school insurance), payable at time of enrollment;

   . 2nd payment: 500,00 ¤ to be paid until 30.06.2018;

   . 3rd payment: 500,00 ¤ to be paid until 30.10.2018.

   . 4rd payment: 500,00 ¤ to be paid until 30.12.2018.

   . 5rd payment: 500,00 ¤ to be paid until 28.02.2019.


Course Timetable: Friday from 4.00pm to 8.00pm and Saturday from 11am to 3pm

Facilities: Faculdade de Medicina do Porto


Departamento de Apoio à Investigação e à Pós-graduação: 
Tel.: 22 0426957
email: educacaocontinua@med.up.pt

For more information visit:

Our site https://cursosgeriatria.med.up.pt/curso-internacional-geriatria-clinica/descricao-geral/

Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/P%C3%B3s-Gradua%C3%A7%C3%B5es-em-Geriatria-e-Envelhecimento-819347238199146

General information

Teacher Responsible: Pedro von Hafe
Acronym: IGC
Type of course/cycle of study: Specialization
Start: 2016/2017
Duration: 1 Years

Study Plan

Involved Organic Units


  • International Course in Geriatric Clinic (50 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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